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Hoyt Thompson
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Default HTs initial review of the Ripcord Code Red

I recently got my Code Red from Ripcord archery and wanted to give ya' ll my initial impressions of it.

AS I opened the package the first thing I wanted to look at was the new launcher arm. It is the same basic shape and design as the original but, this year’s model features a soft "over-molding" on the launcher arm.
They claim that it does away with extra moleskin being needed to quiet the draw of the arrow across the launcher. The one I got has a small piece of red moleskin in the valley of the forks. I guess that is there for extra quietness. Actually I would have put something there any ways cuz if you hear me draw back my bow.....well, you will not hear me draw back my bow that just as simple as it gets.

I did drag an arrow across the red over-molding just to see how I like it and to see if there was any noise. The red over molding proved to be quite quiet. I did notice that it seemed some what "grabby" as I expected it to be due to the softness of the material. Also upon putting a good deal of weight on the arrow at the point of contact I was able to get it to squeak slightly. At first I was a bit confused as to why the over-molding was pointed out to be so quiet and a great feature cuz I just got it to squeak. As I removed the arrow from the rest I now understand what this over-molding does. As the arrow shaft struck the side of the arm thee was very little if not any noise of the shaft "clinking” against the launcher arm.

SCORE one for the R&D guys at Ripcord.

Every full containment drop way I have ever set up "clinked" at very little when the arrow shaft inadvertently got jostled into the side of the arm. This one does not. The "extra moleskin" they were referring to was the side arms.

One thing figured out a few more to go.

The red mole skin on top of the over-molding creates a 100% sound proof solution to any shaft I tried. I tested this with an Easton Excel carbon ST, Carbon Express 6075 Terminator, and the tried and true Easton XX78 shafts all with the same results.....absolutely ninja silent.

OK so the over-molding was a big hit with me, I will not deny that this is a nice feature to not have to "silence" a brand new hunting rest in any way right out of the bow. This is a big plus one right there.

Next I wanted to get into the internals. I am one, a tinker, and two I like to be able to record any drop away in the field if necessary.

This leads to the internal braking system that is also a new feature in the Code Red. I was a little leery upon opening the rests body to see what I would find but to my surprise the braking system is built in to the extent it is "stupid-proof". I am not going into a lot of detail here as I do not want to encourage those that are not comfortable recording a drop away to do so unassisted but, to those that have done the procedure before in earlier models will find comfort in the fact that it is of the same simplicity to install a new cord if needed. I opened mine while sitting on the couch and did not lose anything; LOL

The braking system that they incorporate eliminates any bounce back. I have never seen bounce back as being the MAIN culprit of poor arrow clearance but I will say the spring tension in most of today’s drop away rest have the ability to make the launcher spring back up if the rest is set to lay 100% to the riser shelf on release.

The new mounting body goes back to a smaller headed mounting bolt as seen with most rests for today’s archery equipment. I did like the larger head (1/4"Allen vs. 3/16" Allen) that Ripcord had for the 2009 line but I can understand why they went back to a more traditional mounting solutions.

All in All I am impressed with the 2010 offering from Ripcord Arrow Rest.

The one thing I was hoping to see was a micro adjust model added to the line up. I am a huge fan of micro adjustability in my accessories.

I will post another thread on the actual performance of the rest after I get it on the bow and shoot it for a month or so. I highly doubt I will be upset in the least as I have had great success with their previous models.
I wished I could already have this done but as this is my busy time of the year and working on the InSpec DVDs in the background I do not have a lot of time for much else.

I hope you find this review helpful and if there are any questions that I might be able to answer I will do what I can.

The Code Red may be seen and ordered from here.
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Nice review. I'll make sure I check it out while at the ATA show.
Chris Christenson - Admin - Find Archery Shoots near you - Archery Supplies
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I like my code red alot, thanks for reviewing
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Good review
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