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Coach M
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Default Bow Info

Just found this site and have a question. I have a hunt scheduled for Kansas in mid November. I have been practicing daily for this hunt since early spring. Was in a tree stand back here in PA last evening and have been using a rubber tube to keep my shoulder warmed up by pulling it while simulating drawing my bow. I had surgery about 5 years ago and found this was a good way not to reinjure my shoulder while practicing so I take it to the woods. Here is the question, last night the temperature dropped into the upper 30's. I decided to draw my bow for some aiming practice and the bow seemed like the draw weight doubled. Infact, I could not draw it back without stretching the bow upward and really forcing it back. Not a good plan if a deer is present. My draw weight is set at 70, should I lower the weight (days in Kansas can range from freezing to warm) in case the temps are low in Kansas? I honestly could not have shot at a deer last evening. I shoot an older bow - Jennings Airmaster - do the limbs on these bows stiffen in cold weather? Lower weight make for a slower arrow but a slower more acurate arrow is better than not getting a shot due to temperature! Suggestions welcomed as I have three weeks to change over to a lighter draw, site the thing in, and get ready for my first Kansas hunt. I was very confident about my come-back to bow hunting and ability to shoot until last evening. Now I did not sleep well last night thinking about a solution.

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I think your body already answered the question, but I'll give you my thoughts. There is nothing walking this earth that requires the need of a 70# bow. Certainly not a whitetail deer. You've already had shoulder surgery and I would think that you don't wish to repeat the process, so a lower poundage is what I'd recommend.

You don't necesarily have to give up more than a couple fps from the bow if you'd drop to 60# or so. You'd necessarily have to shoot a lighter spined arrow which could, depending on which one you choose, would be comparably lighter in weight so your bow could shoot at the same speed. Yes, you'd be giving up some kinetic energy but almost any properly spined arrow for 60# or so is still heavy enough to give good penetration on deer, and even heavier game.

So I'd say drop some weight so you can at least draw the bow.
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Gator eye
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Drop the weight.

A lot of deer have dropped to a 55 to 60 pound bow.

I shoot 58 pounds and have pass through on almost everything I ve shot in th elast few years. A good quailty broadhead and a well placed shot is more important than speed.

Sounds like a fun hunt. Good Luck.
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Hoyt Vertor Turbo
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I have had pass through on 50 lbs sharp broadhead proper shot placement all you need.
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i agree with the others on here. i was shooting 60lbs for a couple of years. then switched bows and shot 65 for a little while. now im down to 53 pounds. it is all about how comfortable you are. lost confidence is something that is hard to get over. i would deffinatly drop weight. alot of youth have harvested deer with a 40lb bow. all that is needed is practice and confidence
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Coach M
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Default Thank you

Thanks for the answer to my question. I have reduced the poundage to low 60's and the past few days (freezing this morning) had no problem drawing the bow. A friend of mine told me to sit down, draw the bow from a sitting position, and that should be enough to compensate for cold weather. It worked!

I was surprised that the bow needed little sight adjustment after dropping draw weight. Thanks for the advice.
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