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Default HELP setting up new youth bow

Just picked up nice clean micro midas 2($100) for my 11 yr old daughter for
4H archery from local shop they added new string and set it up for 20#. I would like to add what ever may be neccesary for her to excel with out dumping lots and lots of $$$ into IF possible? I ordered a cartel medalist sight recomended by shop and found a wisker biscuit quikshot rest in classifides.
What additional equiptment should we consider JUST because YOU know we will need it eventually.
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JDX-- will become famous soon enough

First off -- Welcome to the site

Hope this helps

Make sure the draw length is right for her

Even 15 to 20lbs may be considered make it easy for her to shoot and it will be more fun for her shes only shooting 10 yards now

Use a larger peep to enable her to catch on and aim well
Actually a simple sight with a pin guard with one fiber optic pin set for 10 yards will get her shooting for a few years before she needs to shoot at 15 or 20 yards

Good quality carbon arrows they wont bend when pulled out of the backstops for the most part.

Keep the mindset as being a fun hobby and not something that you want for her versus what she wants to do.

Shooting at balloons in the bullseye seems to start the drive to aim well and see results

You can start her with a release, some folks start their kids out shooting with fingers but most switch in time anyways, this will also eliminate the sore finger hang up the bow syndrome. Just make sure its a youth model and not some big adult strap and release that someone tried to make fit because shes just a kid and it wont matter because it does.

You may want to check to see her eye dominance (right handed vs left handed) this may help in eliminating her struggling while trying to aim thus eliminating any frustration that could build

Keep it simple
Correct draw length
Easy poundage
Simple peep
Simple one pin sight that you can see works well avoid plastic models
Remember let her shoot if she wants versus what you want to of her

With all this and a good youth program or coach she will have a great future in archery.

Good Shooting

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JDX we started the 4H oct 5th so it gave her some time to figure out the type of bow she liked then visited a fairly large pro shop that the coachs recommended last week. My daughter was rechecked for eye dominance, draw length and draw weight. once the bow was ready (new string & tuned) they sent her over to the indoor range where we worked on the peep and sight alignment. She's pretty comfortable with shooting the bow and has impressed me at times with her accuracy. However you touched on something that I'm starting to see creep in a little and that may be parental pressure as she seems to be critical of her loose groups when I'm around. Although she always lights up with a smile when I suggest she practice for a bit in the backyard. I really appreciate your insight as I would very much like to see her excel but more than that I want her to have fun. So any suggestions or recommendations let em fly.

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