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Default What Did You think of the Pres. Speech

Obama Sure Can put on a Show

Well he's got a lot of opposition,it's simple too recognize he's demanding the wealthy folks too pay their acceptable slice of the taxes...and damnit wealthy folks are upset about that,firms went over seas many moons before Obama was commander and chief,so do not blame him for unemployment.Obama doesn't have hiring control over every business ; place the blame where it belongs! If companies didnt go over seas their would be more jobs and their would be less folks on unemployment,food stamps,public asst !!! Place the accusation where it's due ......he declared no more bailouts,ok we were given that one covered,4 trillion towards countrywide debt,that's a's going to take more than a single term in office for him too reverse the Bush policies who should be recieving the mud would be nice if the govt would obstruct the oil corporations from upping their costs,that would help, they have enough funds;their just blinded by the greed
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