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Talking RKT vs Fuel Cams

I recently purchased a 2011 Alpha Elite for an outdoor bow and obviously it came equipped with the Fuel cam system. With all of the hoopla on the forums about the differences between the two cams, I decided to give Hoyt a call and find out from the source what is fact and what is simply hear say.

The tech explained that the RKT cam is "designed to be a little smoother than the Fuel cam and has a slightly larger valley." This was done so people could "relax a little more without the bow wanting to take off on you.” It was also described to me that this would also make it a little easier to let down. The phrase "ripping your arms off" was also used, but I got the idea that the tech was not a big fan of spirals.....

I also asked what, if any, geometric changes were made to the pre 2012 bows and those fitted with the RKT cams and was told that the limb pocket angles are a little different, but that’s really the only change made. The tech also said that a switch from Fuel cams to RKT cams "is doable", but "would require different string and cable lengths along with different limb deflections to maintain the desired draw weight."

Since I shoot spirals on my Hoyts anyway, I have not had any issue shooting this bow fitted with the Fuel cams. They are smooth to draw, ramp up in weight early in the draw cycle just like the spirals, but have a very slight hump before dropping off cleanly into a slightly larger valley. Letting down feels about the same between the two, and the wall is nearly as solid. However, the solid wall may be a result of removing the little rubber thingies on the stops....

Now, how to get closer to 65% letoff instead of the 75%.....

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