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Default Down under Bow Comp!!!!!!

Last Sunday as i mentioned I won the MBO leg of or Club Comp what i failed to mention was a little incident that happened on the 13th target!!!!!! Scarry as Hell!!!!
As we walked up to the 13th pin to shoot Big Richard says hey looky there a snake!!We all freeze and sure enough is a 7' Coastal Taipan about 20' in front of us crusing across out shooting lane????? It Stops and trys to hide so at this point Oldskool(Peter) and myself decide it might be fun to take a closer look,Me armed with a football size rock and walking behind Oldskool head on in for a closer look!!!At this time he decides he's going to have a closer look also so he turns and heads straight in towards us at about 10' away he stoops and raises his head for a better look????At this time i throw the rock at the little Bastard and miss and the rock lands just behind him and he,s off straight in our direction!!!At this point I'm doing my Best Forrest Gump and I was running with old skool close on my heals we do the 100 in 8sec flat and as we run past Blakey and Big Richard they say nice one Westy Dickhead!!!LOL Blakey said io didn't know Fat kids could run so fast as he overtakes me!!!! So we stop after about 50' and check out were this arehole has gone and sure as one thing he's headed toward another group of shooters!!!We call out look out there's a 7' tripwire headed your way Mate nad they see him!!!Roman one of the guys screams like a little girl and heads for the hills along with john and some new guy!!!Funny as hell!!!! the last we saw of him he was 2' of him slithering under a old stump that had been pushed up by the dozers while clearing!!!! For the next 4 targets I got a 6' stick with a twig on the end and everytime someone went to shoot I'd run the twigg up his leg and it Bloody Funny to see a grown man trying to stand up with both his legs in the air!!!! Arrows that were lost after that were and will never be recovered ever LOL

For the uneducated a Taipan is the most Deadly snake on the planet and shouldn't be taken lightly,but as mumma used to say Boys will be Boys!!!!! So who wants to come target shooting with Westy next week Anyone?????

These things are seriouslly dangerous you get about 30min tops with the right medical help before your Dead!!!!
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