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Default Nock Tuning and the Hooter Shooter

We recently have been doing some testing in the shop with the Hooter Shooter. How often do you wonder if all of your arrows are capable of hitting the X? I was wondering this so we setup the Hooter Shooter for 20 yard indoors.

Mathews Apex
Goldtip Series 22 Pro w/unibushings and Easton Super 3D Nocks
12 arrows, 6 one color vanes, 6 another color.

Here is what we found; There is something to the colors. Each colored grouped but in a different spot. The groups were off by only about 1/2" but still different places. After checking carefully, it was a difference in old style 3D duravanes vs. new style. They have changed slightly. You can tell by the logo on the vane.

One Problem Arrow
This one arrow hit nearly 3 inches higher than the group. So we turned the nock 1/3 of a turn and re-shot it. It still hit about 2.5" high and a bit to the right of the major group. Turned the nock again by 1/3rd. Now it's back in the first hole, still nearly 3 inches higher than the main group.

Well, at this point we pulled and replaced the nock. One tweak to it and it hit right with the major group. The whole group was approx 1" high. Not too bad but I expected better. Disclaimer, we only used a 3 power scope and aimed for the center X. Higher power would have allowed tighter aiming.

Mathews Apex7
Goldtip Series 22 Pro w/Goldtip Pin Nocks
2.25" Quikspin vanes all same color.

Now this was a very interesting test. Using 6 arrows I was able to achieve a group of about an arrow width and half. That's right the arrows hit the same hole or only 1/2 an arrow off of the same hole. It was amazing.

Again a problem arrow.
There was an exception. While fletching the shafts, I had 1 vane pull up slightly and when I got it stick it was slightly crooked. This caused this one arrow to hit 2" high at 20 yards. I tested it 3 times. Each time it was high. Fixed the fletching and all was good.

I shot this group of arrows twice and it was amazing to watch them all go into the same hole.

Creep Tuning a Single cam?
Now here is another interesting item. Since this is a Single cam I thought what would happen if we pulled really hard into the wall or crept slightly. With the hooter shooter, I can easly do this.

I adjusted the hooter shooter to be 2 clicks harder into the wall and then 2 click in front of the wall. This caused a draw length variance of 1/2" which is a lot.

The result. ARROWS STILL IN THE SAME HOLE. I don't know if it is just this bow or the combination of the bow and these arrows. This really amazed me.

I will test every batch of arrows I shoot from now on. We have found that the pin nock system seems to be superior to every other nock. At least as far as arrow groupings out of the machine. The Easton Super 3D Nocks are very good but I would still test and tune them.

Had we left the arrows in the hole on Test #2, I am sure we would have had a robinhood or at the least a damaged arrow.

I want to know that when I make a good shot, that arrow has every chance of hitting the X. Are you sure your arrows will all fly into the same spot?

We hope to do some more testing with other arrows, nocks and bows in the future.
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