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Old 02-25-2008, 09:00 AM   #81
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Default Sss

I'm not an advocate of killing the neighbors dogs, but if one were to come in my yard and attack my dog I wouldn't object to shooting it. I would either sting it with a low powered pellet gun(first time offender) or use enough gun to be sure it doesn't get away....(repeat offender). Good luck and aim straight!
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Old 02-25-2008, 10:17 AM   #82
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I'm an avid dog lover. Trained and shown dogs, both in obedience and confirmation, and have 2 Bullmastiffs now. (don't have much problem with other dogs in my yard) So I don't advocate animal cruelty at all. BUT I also have the responsibility of protecting my dogs as I have accepted responsibility of them when I bought them. After speaking to the neighbors and the sheriff and not getting any satisfaction thru them then as a responsible owner I would ELIMINATE my problem as humanely and quietly as I can. Would you let a coyote or a bobcat tear up your pet? These dogs are not just trespessing nor coming in the yard to play. They are aggressively attacking his dog. I've worked with many dogs (thru a volunteer program at one of the top trainers in my area.) that where cowered because of being attacked by other dogs. Sorry if I'm stepping on anyone's feelings here, but the safety of my dog (and family) comes first and foremost. By time you go thru all the channels, you may have your own pet dead at the jaws of the neighbors dogs.
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Old 02-25-2008, 10:58 AM   #83
Wheely Threads
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One more thing, if you are going to take care of the problem, just talk to the neighbor first, don't threaten the dogs life while you are there. This way you can always act like you don't know what happened to the dog
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Old 02-25-2008, 10:49 PM   #84
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Not sure what the laws are anywhere else but if I remember right in Wisconsin you cant shoot a dog for harrasmant (however you spell it). A friend of mine shot one and it cost him big bucks in fines and he got sued in civil court for the cost of the dog etc. When I was a kid I was always told that if a dog was chasing a deer or cattle to shoot it on sight. I dont believe in that myself I have given dogs away for chasing deer or if they are just unwilling or unable to understand the boundaries of where they are supposed to be. We have a lot of strays around here living amongst the Amish and usually a rock, stick, or whatever is laying around does the trick. I have purchased a rubber tipped blunt arrow that I wouldnt mind flinging at one or two of them but I cant even bring myself to do that. The way I understand it is if a dog is going after cattle or attacking your pets you can do what you have to if you have deep enough pockets.

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Old 12-01-2010, 05:59 PM   #85
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Calling Animal Control is a waste of time here in Orlando. There were a couple of pit bulls that ran free through the neighborhood. When I reported it, I was asked if they were presently in sight. Since they weren't, they wouldn't respond.

A neighbor let his doberman run free occasionally. When I called, the first thing they wanted was my name and address. They then said this would be given to the dog owner, if he requested it. Since the owner has teenagers, I hung up.

Florida is a concealed carry state. A couple of rottweilers decided to take over my back yard. Not being the "Dog Whisperer," I did a very foolish thing. I talked to them in a weak "puppy dog" manner through the patio screen door to see if they were friendly. I learned that you don't do that with large, aggressive dogs! I walked out to the back yard (pistol in my pocket) and they immediately charged. As the first one leaped, I discharged the gun close to his head. The muzzle blast temporarily blinded him and he turned and ran. His buddy stood there, looking back and forth between me and his whimpering friend, and finally joined him. I immediately called the sheriff's department and reported that I had discharged a gun within the city limits. The deputy who came out got a big laugh out of it. He said he knew the owner as there had been previous complaints. Evidently, this was the last straw, as I've not seen them again. As I'm in my seventies, I'm certain my Beretta saved my life that day.
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Old 12-02-2010, 07:09 AM   #86
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Originally Posted by pred8er View Post
If the law doesn't work, and most of the time these type of people will not care about the law, there is always SSS (shoot, shovel, shutup).

To everyone else....I certainly would like to know where your property is since you do not mind tresspassers or interlopers. I sure could use a few more places to hunt
I like the SSS rule, the owners had been confronted multiple times and warned.
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Old 12-02-2010, 06:19 PM   #87
jim p
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If you want to see a real dog problem, get you a bicycle and ride it on the road. You will be chased, barked at, and you will have dogs running in front of you which could cause you to crash and be run over by other vehicles. If all dog owners had to ride a bike for 10 miles each day, they would probably see why dogs need to be kept inside fences or on chains or inside their house.

I used to ride 20 miles a day but it just became too much of a hassle having to deal with dogs and bad owners and the drug users driving around on the road.
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Old 12-08-2010, 10:01 PM   #88
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Well, I saw this thread, and I'll agree that if they are your pets, then they are your responsibility. When I was little, back then, your next door neighbors could bust your butt, if you were doing something wrong. My Dad, grew up on a farm and worked on a farm until I was born. Needless to say, he wasn't scared of any animal. I remember when we as a family went fishing one day. Some dog, I guess that got out, started to run to attack us as we walked on public land, btw, to go fishing. When the dog jumped and lunged toward my Dad, he grabbed the dog by the throat, and be fore the dog hit the ground, dad was standing there with the dog's windpipe in his hand. I've also witnessed my Father, helping to get a bull in a truck, to go to the stockyards. Well, he tried everything. At the very end, he finally got the bull to walk up the ramp. He was so pissed that he grabbed the bull by the nose and hauled off and punched the bull right in the fleshy part of the jaw. The bull dropped to his front knees so to speak, and he grabbed the bull by the nose again, and led him right up the ramp. Now, my Dad was only 210 lbs. soaking wet. It was going to be his will, period, with animals. He never mistreated animals, but theY WOULD DO what he wanted them to do. He just had a knack with animals. I also remember this friend of his had an aggressive dog he had bought, and had a hard time training him. He asked my dad if he could help him. Within 10 minutes, the dog was doing what my dad wanted him to do. I guess it could have been the ferramones or something. I guess working on a farm like he did, he just knew how animals would react. Also, once my Dad was around any dogs or whatever they knew who was the BULL-OF-THE -WOODS. He died of cancer in 1994. I really do miss him.
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Old 12-12-2010, 03:28 PM   #89
Devine Shot
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A Dog that is running loose outside the boundaries of its owners are not pets. They are then wild animals running loose potentially being a nuisance to someone else s hard work and lots of money even. If you have a nuisance animal running on your property take care of it as you would. Please do not listen it is not the animals fault, are they not the ones that are actually causing the problem. The Dog is doing what its natural instincts tell it to do, and the dog should be as it acts. It just chaps my hide when people try to say it is not the dogs fought, it amazes me we make them as if they are humans except when it comes for the dog to take responsibility for their own actions. Its seems real similar to our society today.

I am not a dog hater and I have been on both sides of this issue. In fact I lost my favorite bird dog when I was 16 years old when he just would not stay in any fence that I built. I had a 8 foot fence and he still would climb out. He eventually got into my neighbors chicken coupe and done some damage. Well as much as I tried I could not break the dog of his natural tendencies and yes it was the dogs fault for having to go eat live birds versus my great dog food I was giving him. In the end the dog was killed for his own actions, and not much more I could do than to chain him down with a choker chain because regular collar would not cut it. The choker chain was not an option I felt comfortable with. Some would say and it is easy to say the owner let that dog down. That dog would have never been a happy dog in a fenced environment it was just his nature. Yes it was a sad day, but I could not blame the owner for shooting him. I never hated the guy for it. He is and was not a terrible guy for shooting the animal, he did what he needed to do to protect what was his. We just moved into a new home with land and when I was looking at it to buy it I had a neighbor dog come after me growling very viciously, I yelled at him and he went away, but if you never know when the dog will not be scared of you and with my two little girls out playing on the property you can bet your bet the dog will go down before the chance of one of my girls gets hurt by him. And yes if the dog attacks one of them it will be the dogs fault with some shared responsibility with the owner. We have three labs now and if one gets off our property you can bet I will have no problem if a neighbor fills the need to take care of the problem. We always say it needs to be a regular occurrence and for me that is not a factor for me. Once is enough.
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Old 12-12-2010, 06:57 PM   #90
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I would have never told the neighbor. If the dogs are running all over your property. Attacking you pet. Then they would be gone. I have the same situation somewhat. I am sitting in the stand and the same two dogs would come up on me on several times. I would hate to kill them but if the owners dont keep thier dog secure well.

I was traveling from Louisiana to hunt my uncles property in Arkansas. A 6 hour drive for me. It was like every time I made a hunt I encountered the dogs. I was at the breaking point. The last time I hunted there I had a shovel packed in the truck.

If you can catch them I would bring them to the local SPCA. And Tell the neighbors where the dog is. If it happens again then its .410 and a shovel. But I would never tell the neighbors that I am gonna kill them. Just use your best judgement. I think if you have to take them out I would use a bigger gun than a .410.

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Old 12-14-2010, 09:12 AM   #91
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Originally Posted by BUNNYMAN View Post
this should be a sticky.........AMEN
will agree 100% with the post you quoted bunnyman. i had the same problem a couple times one guy wouldnt take me serious so i was forced to take care of the problem and the other guy took me seriously and started keeping his dog at his house.
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Originally Posted by QSA View Post
well I would not shoot them. That is just leaving yourself open for a law suit. What I would do is call the pound or animal control. Have them picked up. Make sure they know who the owners are. That way they will be fined for letting them run free. You do have a lesh law there right? But if they have to pay to get there dogs back and fines, then they may learn a lesson from it. But if you shoot them, then I hope your dog never gets loose. They will take it is a chance to shoot yours.
Sound advice given here. That's exactly whay I would do!
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Old 05-05-2011, 07:27 PM   #93
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A big hava heart trap and a trip to the local pound is alot cheaper than a law suit
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Default Simple Solution

Live trap the dog's and take them for a ride!!!!!

Your choice,the pound or 20 miles away.

It's not the dog's problem, It's the stupid neighbor's.
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Old 06-11-2011, 01:04 AM   #95
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In Maine, it is totally legal to kill any dog that is running deer.
If that same law holds true for your state.....who's to say that they were not running deer.

You did your part like a gentleman the first time.
Next time.....
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Old 06-27-2011, 05:48 AM   #96
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Originally Posted by Holy Smokes View Post
1st I would have not said a word to anybody
2nd tha dogs would have not went home
nuff said
A Big Amen to that mate 8 acres a couple of dog bodies could disappear real easy !Tell me this do you own your property,do the neighbours help chip in and pay the morgage or the rates then what the ell gives them the right to run there dogs all over it and distroy your stuff.Man things must have really gone down hill in the U.S. since I lived there?I have a bow cause there a silent killer put the 410 away!!!
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Default No prob

I use em for paintball practice...owners get the drift pretty quickly when Snoopy comes home tagged.
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