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Default Proper use of peep sight

I have a bow with peep sight and a five pin front sight with glow in dark round housing. I align proper pin to center of peep, and then pin to desired point of impact.

Seems right, but I have also seen how-to videos that indicate one should also be aligning peep with outer ring of front "five pin" sight.

This does not seem correct because 1. I cannot see outer ring of front sight, is obscured by peep, and 2. what about those who utilize a front sight that has more of a rectangle shaped housing?

I have taken lessons and this was either not addeessed or missed it. New to sport and am looking for confermation before I spend time learning the wrong form.
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It really comes down to what works for each individual. I started out centering the pin in the peep, but that gave me a little too much wiggle room because centered is such a relative term. You can tweak your anchor a little and fight for "center." Anything you can do to be more consistant shot to shot will only make you more accurate.

Most sight now use a round pin guard, and most have a ring on them to better aid a visual in low light. The trick is to get a peep the right size so the high vis ring just fits the inside of the peep. Thats just one more way to be sure your form is correct.

Draw you bow, find anchor, string lightly touching tip of nose (for me), peep at correct height so I dont have to use contortionism to find the hole, center high vis inside peep and find correct pin for yardage, ready to fire. You may find that instead of using your arms to elevate the bow, you need to bend at the waist to keep proper form, which is what you want. When I shot the pin in the center, I felt like I had to really use my shoulders to keep the bow on target, but keeping the pin guard centered just felt more solid.

Sounds way more complicated than it is, but give it a shot. Its been a way more repeatable shot for me, and its way easier to center that big ole pin guard than a little bitty pin.

What sight are you shooting now? Just curious, cuz my sight is on a dovetail and it can move in and out and between a fairly large peep and using the dovetail mount, it lets me fit the white ring on my sight to the inside of the peep.

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Thanks for your reply, it was very informative and helpful. I have a Tru Glo sight, I think it is made by Tropghy Ridge.

If it is better to center the sight ring in the peep, seems I might have an excuse to go buy one of the high dollar rigs that will accomplish this. Or perhaps I can drill a larger diameter into my peep sight, but that might prove counter productive.

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I'm a newbie. I thought I was an intermediate newbie, but no.
I've never even seen my pin guard - it's not round any way -been looking at the little bitty pin all this time.
I have, however, gone through several peeps 'til I found one that worked.
Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but seems that for a beginner a small peep helps with learning 'anchor point'.
I, personally found that more than one pin in the sights left occasional holes in the side of the garage! I shoot almost exclusively At 20 yards so I still have but one pin in the sights (foam killer)
Used to be that I could see the copyright symbol on the target, now I use a peep with a magnifier - 3/32 dia. - pretty small.
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