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Default Tigress Elite Nitrous-X

AKA: "Icky's FrankenMartin"(r)

So my daughter lovers her Tigress riser because it "fits her hand as is not too heavy. She likes Elite limbs because the "look sweet". She like "X" Cams "just because".

So, I started assembling pieces and parts....

Originally, I had some strings off a Mystic Furious X.
Shoot String : 52-1/2"
Cables: 41-1/4"

They gave me:
Axle to Axle of 40"
Brace Height of 7"

But the were just too long and caused the control cables to slightly rub the inside of the limb cut-outs. needed to go a bit shorter...

I put some spare cables off a P3 Nitrous-X
Shoot: 50
Cable: 39-1/2

This gave me:
Axle to Axle of 38""
Brace Height of 8-1/2"

Took care of the contact, but it did pre-load the limbs too much and I think the brace height might be a bit long...

Soon as my Tax Refund gets here I'm going top but a string making jig and try my hand at making my own strings.

I'll start at:
Shoot: 51
Cables: 40-1/2

That should bring my A/A to 39" and bring my BH down to about 7.5", or so. Near as I can guestimate.

I'll also need to order some 0L Elite Limbs from Martin since these 3H are just a tad too heavy for her even backed all the way out 5 turns.

But all things considered, I think it's coming along nicely. That "Black Chrome Ghost Flame" is really cool next to those Elite Limbs, don't you think?

Gone camping in the mountains of Afghanistan.
Will return sometime in early/mid 2012.

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