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Daniel Boone
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Default Shots on different species of game

100 yard shots with a bow.

How far we question hunters shots.

My question if it is a deer compared to ground hog, turkey or hog.

Do hunters consider this different and ethical depending on the species?

I often wonder what we are teaching the younger hunters today. Will there thoughts be we can shoot 100yrds ad harvest game. My hope is we teach them to make clean shots and not wound any game if possible.
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Well to start theirs no way i could make a 100yd shot,i have a hard time shooting at 50yds because of my eye's,so for me that's i big no.
Also you have to consider kenetic energy at that distance,you may be able to kill a small game but for bigger game a dont see it happening.
For me bow hunting is all about getting close,and being able to out smart what game im hunting what a rush that is,heck if i want to take a far shot ill grab a rifle.
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I love this stuff
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the only time I would take a shot that far is a second shot at a wounded animal.

Nothing is as worse as wounding an animal.
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My thoughts are that you shouldn't take any shot on game that's not well within the yardage which you routinely practice and can consistently make well placed shots.

For example, most of my shots on deer around here are within i would practice being able to group shots at 40-50yds. It gives that extra bit of confidence at the closer ranges and a little margin of error to still be able to make that clean kill even when the heart is pumping and the adrenaline is flowing.

All that being said, i don't know that i would personally ever feel comfortable making a shot on a game animal past maybe 60yds. Besides, part of the challenge of bowhunting is learning how to close the distance between yourself and the prey without spooking.
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