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Default Hey folks, newby here!

Hello everybody, I just thought Iíd give everyone a chance to get to know me! I havenít been on here for very long, but I just realized that I never really introduced myself. Anyway, Iím a 27-year-old ďreturningĒ student. Iím double majoring in Physics and Mechanical Engineering. I decided to go back to school after jumping around from job to job, and never really going anywhere. My wife and I had to really sit down and look everything over to make sure it was the right thing to do. So far I think weíve made the right choices. Iíve already finished two years, and I have about three more to go (since Iím getting a dual degree). Iíve already decided that Iíll be furthering my education after my Bachelorís Degree. I told my wife that Iíd like to make a career out of going to school; she didnít think it was that funny. Anyway, Iíve been bow hunting for nearly 10 years now. Iíve hunted and fished sinceÖ well, since I was pretty young. I donít even remember my first time fishing, too young to actually remember. I also love to go camping and canoeing. My canoeing experiences never seem to end on a dry note. However, I still enjoy going. If anybody would like to chat sometime, just let me know. Iím always in the mood to talk to fellow archers. Talk to yaís later.
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