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Default Right handed, shooting lefty?

I see a couple similar threads, but my circumstances are different. I've always shot right handed. Last fall, I developed a torn rotator cuff in my left shoulder due to cutting fire wood and old injuries. I'm not having surgery, and it's driving me nuts not being able to shoot my bow without pain while it heals. I can draw with my left hand with very little pain. Has anyone here experienced this? Did you successfully switch to lefty, or vice versa? I don't want to buy a left handed bow if I have little chance of succeeding. I'm ambidextrous in many other areas like, shooting pool. Any experience and opinions are welcome.
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When I got my first 80lb compound a fews back, (I brought it back to about 65lb) I found I couldn't pull it back with my right, and so used my left. I know your circumstances are differerent but after a bit of a workout and building up my arms a bit, I found the change a little troubling at first. because I was used to aiming while holding with my left, my shots were always off target by a fair margin.

Once I got used to the change I found it was quite easy to aim, and I returned to my normal accuracy within a few shots.

Again, as your circumstances are different it may take a little longer to make the switch but I found that over all it was very easy to change.
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Default Left handed right eye

I have a friend that is right handed and is blind in his right eye, he used to use a sight pin that was almost 3" long and was always bending it so I had him change his draw so that he shot right handed and uses his left eye, he turns his head so to line up with left eye and pulls the string to the left side of his face under his chin and that way he shoots very good right handed using his left eye. Hope that this might help you for a tempery way of shooting till you heal up, and not having to buy a left handed bow.
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