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Default Recommended arrows

I am looking to get some new arrows for my new martin warthog and was needing recommendations on arrows. I have never had a very fast bow and now I want to take advantage of what I can I am looking for something to use for 3D shooting at about 60 lbs with a 29” draw and something for hunting at 70# if there is something that would work for both poundage’s and would give me some good speed that would be ideal. Also I would like to know what weight tips. You all use for your 3D shooting as well as what speeds I should expect out of the set up. As you can tell I have always been a who cares about speed person and would bye whet ever was cheap and I know I could kill a deer with what I had but now I still need to watch the price but know I should be able to do better then the bargain basement arrows. And any advice on were on line I might be able to find some raw shafts at a decent price would be appreciated because I would like to build my own .the shops he locally do not offer much variety may be one or two different size shafts of a couple of brands.
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shooter 21
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i shoot victory v 3 arrows hunting and 3d and love them. fat shafts would be nice but$. I have them built with 3 inch quik spins for 7$. thats my 2 cents
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I'll 2nd the Victory suggestion (but I'm partial). The V-Force V3s are nice arrows. If you're thinking fat shafts, the X-Ringer 350s would probably work for your setup (I've killed deer with my X-Ringers so they're tough enough and penetrate just fine). The X-Ringers come in either the V1 (+/- .001" straightness) or the V5 (+/- .005") to fit your budget. If you really want speed, all of these come in an HV line that are alot lighter than the standard shafts. You might check out for prices.

As far as point weight goes, you might be able to soften up the 350s with 125 gr. points when you're shooting 60 lbs (but you probably don't need to) and then switch to 100 gr. when you go to 70 lbs.

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For speed I prefer the Victory's, too. I shoot the Vforce HV 350 with 100 grain tips, Fusion 2" vanes, and Gold Tip pin nocks.They weigh in at 328 grains at 28 1/2". I shot my Hoyt Vectrix with a 29 1/2 " draw length at 63 # and chronographed these arrows at 297 fps. These spines tune well with my bow set as low as 54#. They should be fine at 70#. I would suggest a 125 grain tip if you shoot at 70#. 5 grains per # of draw weight is the min. weight standard for arrows.
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