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Default Illinois (Channahon) R-100

Let me start by saying that I am a very casual 3D shooter. I use 100% hunting setup. The only thing I change when I head out to hunt is putting broadheads on. This is my second year shooting 3D, and I've been to about 7 different clubs for a total of about 15 shoots over the last couple years.

On Saturday a buddy and I made the 2 hour drive to pay $30 for the worst 3D shoot I've been to this year. I was EXTREMELY disappointed in this shoot. I certainly hope all R100's are not like this...

We shot the African side.

First of all, there was no practice range. I like to shoot 10 arrows or so before starting - ensure everything is still sighted in and loosen up a little.

The first 25 targets took us about 35-40 minutes. Probably 16 or so of those targets were shoot two targets from the same spot, same distance. All were 20 yards give or take a few, pull and return, pretty much wide open. I hit 8 on the small mosquito first shot out of the gate, and over the next 24 targets I had 17 "12's" and 7 "10's". I don't expect a world class setup, but I normally don't shoot nearly that well. It was way too easy.

The back half was more difficult, to include a side by side Rhino and Eland at about 50 yards, and a side by side Giraffe and Elephant at around 40 yards. The back half didn't have quite as many side by sides as the front, but it was a lot of moving from over 50 yards and shooting from the same path to a target at nearly the same distance as the previous one. If you misjudged the yardage on the first one by a yard or two, it was really easy to figure out the next one. Again, it wasn't as easy as the first 25, but still too easy.

Lastly, the targets were not in the greatest condition. They were fine, but I would expect much better from a shoot that has Rineharts name on it.

I understand the shoot is for fun, and to get kids involved, but there was only one stake on many of the targets. There were two stakes at the most.

Maybe I expected too much.
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what did you end up shooting . did you shoot the other 50 targets? It wasn't just for fun. alot of people come from out of state to shoot the r100. the north american side was way harder . i shot 512 saturday on the african and 489 sunday on the north american side . the only thing i was upset about was no venders there . there was a practice target to he right as you walked out the north side of where you got the food no signs and there was one at the first target on the north american side know one said anything about a pratice target. all and all i liked it.
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No, I didn't shoot the other 50. After paying $30 for the first 50, the only way I would have shot the other 50 was if it was for free.

I think I shot a 549. I know I shot a 282 on the first 25, and I'm pretty sure it was a 267 on the second 25.

As for a place to practice, there were a few guys shooting at the targets set up at the entrance when we walked up and a guy stopped them and told them they were set up for a special contest later on. He said they didn't have a practice range, but were trying to get a couple targets for people to practice with. Whatever the case may be, a shoot as big as an R100 should have a SWEET practice range. Like I said before, it has Rineharts name on it! I'd think they'd be able to get some targets out there.

And don't get me wrong, I didn't hate it, I was just really disappointed. Shooting 3D is like sex...even when its bad, its still pretty good.
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You got to figure that the r-100 travels a about every weekend it take two days to set up. For the target in bad shape there at the end of the season there is no time to fiberglass the bad spots paint in a 2 day period so they just put inserts in as needed.
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I did this shoot, it was a good shoot.

There was a practice range off to the left but it only went to 28 yards.

I was very disappointed they weren't coming back this year.
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There are only 2 stakes by design. 1 for compounds and 1 for traditional shooters. You get to add points if you are shooting a hunting class bow (all I do is change points when I go hunting as well). For the first time last year there was a target that we couldn't use the scoring rings on, it was completely shot out. I do agree they should carry enough parts/spares that something like that should not happen.
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