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Unhappy Bear Whitetail II

I'm new here and new to bow hunting. My husband purchased me a Bear Whitetail II from a family friend because he heard it was a good beginners bow. After searching on the internet and scratching my head for hours, I finally found out how to change the settings to where I could actually pull it back.

Now I am hitting a wall again. When I draw the bow back, my hand is almost to my shoulder.

I am at a loss. It has the disks where it says A B C D E It is currently set on E.

Could someone help me please. Is this something I can do at home or will I have to get a professional to fix it for me.
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Aperintly its was to much of a draw lenght for you. I bought ont of those bows for a nephew and went through the same prob. Its actually a very easy fix. First you need fo figure out your draw lenght. next you need to get the right modules ( the half moon looking things on each cam that have a hex screw holding them on) I went on ebay and found the ones I needed to get the right draw lenght. most people on there that are selling them will say which one are for what draw lenght. If not just ask them. Once you get all of that done and you get the ones you need, they simply just screw off and screw on. Hope this helps.
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