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Where's Bruce?
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Default Doe See Doe

Hit D13 in search of a buck for the archery opener with Bubblehide. He knew right where to go but when we got there, it was estrogen city. It was as if the deer were mirroring the humans, ditching the ladies for the holiday because it was deer season. The sorority of does stared at us like “We don’t know where the bucks went either.” Like ugly chicks eating at Hooters, they seemed to know we weren’t interested in them in the slightest.

Oh well…I got to visit places I haven’t been to before, saw lots of critters including coyotes, lamas, ducks and suspect we came very close to a lion (50 yards) that was on the move in the heavy brush. Either that or it was a huge yote…could not be certain, it was gone in an instant. Ran into a nice guy hunting doves and we chatted for a bit. He was definitely in the wrong place. LOL

Some of the places we hit were loaded with trash and fresh tracks of two legged vermin who have no respect for the nature and spoil her beauty by dumping refuse and appliances anywhere they find a turnout that provides some privacy. Sometimes I hate people.

Bubblehide is a hoot. I laughed a little too much this weekend but must say the guy really knew the area and is a very generous man. He didn’t even bring a bow…he came to play “guide” for me and wore a pack filled with all the necessary dressing tools. On Saturday he spotted a fire and we later learned that it was the caused by the plane that crashed.

BTW…if any of you older guys hunt with Bubblehide, don’t say something like “Let’s double-time it back to the truck” just because you heard a boombox-mobile stop near your vehicle cuz the guy can really move fast. We thought maybe some “less honest” people had decided to stop and liberate the ice chests in the truckbed and in this mad rush to defend our property Bubblehide got a firsthand grasp on my screen name.

In order to enter some of the forest areas we hit, we had to drive through neighborhoods where apparently the ungulates are just as much a part of the community as the bipeds. When we drove through wearing camo nobody (I MEAN NOBODY!) waved at us. When we went thru wearing civies everybody waved to us! So we entered wearing “urban camo” and the anti-hunters loved us for it. That was hysterical...but ya had to be there.

We saw only one buck the whole weekend (more than once in fact) but he was a spike and so, may get laid yet this year. I was just happy to finally be out of the house and into the field with my new bow. It took awhile but Bubblehide was patient with me and got me to slow down from the “rifle pace” spot and stalk I had learned. Saw more stuff from that point on. Good lesson…you can’t move too slow with a bow.

Spotted some road hunters while sitting under a tree in one area we had previously seen does in but they didn’t drop in on top of us (thank God) and we talked with em after dusk as they drove past us as we were walking back to the truck. They had encountered a bear that afternoon (insert skeptical face here) and had some bipeds come and pee right below em but hadn’t seen any shooters either. I still question if they ever actually got out of their truck to hunt…they looked like dedicated Ford Glassers to me.

Weather was weird, hot to cool, dry to humid…which I kinda like. Didn’t see one snake and that’s always a favorable thing for me. Not sure where the bucks disappeared to but suspect they have a calendar with the archery opener circled in red. I’ll be ready again by the time the bug bites stop itching. <g>

And thanks for the educational fun Bubblehide…you are too cool!
Here’s a few pics.

Bowhunting forum
Bowhunting forum
Bowhunting forum
Bowhunting forum
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Are there wild herds of llamas roaming the west coast? That's alot of spit!
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Little early for bucks to be with does around here. When is the rut where you are? What's Llama taste like?
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Chicken ,they call them the chicken of El Cajon???
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