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Old 02-12-2013, 09:52 AM   #1
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Default Max Out

So I hear that a bow shoots its best at the full poundage. I am getting new limbs on my hunting bow this weekend and I am going to crank it up from the 55 lbs to the full 60 lbs in prep for the 3D season. Just wondering what people think of shooting a 60 lb bow at the full 60 lbs? I am sure that it will take some adjustment to the 60 lbs considering that I am only shooting 52 lbs on my target bow all winter. Just cannot wait to get back outside and on those 3D courses.... DANG winter
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You should be fine, I have my hoyt katera (50-60) limbs maxed out at 63 lb and shoot 3d with it all the time no problems. You'll get used to the extra poundage really quick.

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Carroll in MO
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Won't hurt the bow at all. Shoot often and you will not notice the weight change in just a short amount of time. Good luck on the 3D courses this summer.
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Brown Hornet
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It's 2013....that may have been true YEAAARRRRSSSS ago. But not now.

My Vantage Elite is about 1.5-2 turns from bottomed out. It shoots the same as it will bottomed or after taking 2 more turns off the limbs. Set the thing up at the lbs you want and set the dl and tune it and it will shoot just as good no matter the lbs.

If your shooting a bow with a good limb and limb pocket system anyway :wink:
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Default Lol

My Bow may shoot it's best at Max......But I am shooting it 18 lbs under max for indoor target.......all I can stand LOL
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