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Default 2013 Bend Bowmen Hunter's Classic

We are holding our Hunter's Classic the weekend of August 9th-11th
This is a true hunting tournament.

Hunter Scoring = 12,10,8 or -5 for body shots. Wounded animals cost you points.
Shots will be hunting situations. No 70 yard racoons!

And for the fun stuff!
  • ODFW will be offering a Bow-Hunter Education class in tandem with this shoot. Field day at the shoot. People taking and passing the Bow-Hunter Ed class will get free one-day shoot card for the Hunter's Classic!
  • Hunting and Archery Seminars Saturday afternoon
  • ODFW Archery trailer. Come shoot the Laporte Trap System or bring a novice to the learn to shoot program. check it out here:
  • Broadhead Tuning range
  • Wild Game potluck Saturday night. Turn last year's elk into something to share!
  • Free Kid's course
  • HUNTER'S CHALLENGE NOVELTY SHOOT = up to 20 station 'Shoot/No-Shoot' course.

More details on Our Facebook Page or on our Website.

Tournament Discussions

Tournament Discussions
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So.... this event is just around the corner. Anyone going?
Some major and minor changes for this year to push this event more towards the hunting side of the sport.
  • Range finders welcome on the main courses with special rules.
  • Rangefinders may not be used until you are on stake.
  • You have 30 seconds to range, prep, and shoot once on stake.
  • This is an honor system and is designed to get hunters to do this smoothly, quickly, with a touch of pressure thrown in.
  • Rangefinders still not allowed on the soot/no-shoot course.
  • Shooters can purchase up to 5 'follow-up shots' to use each day(sort of like a mulligan) with special rules.
  • Follow up shots must be declared and taken before shooter leaves stake.
  • Shooter has 30 seconds from the time the first arrow flies until the second one flies.
  • 30 second on-stake rule. If no arrow flies in 30 seconds, the shooter takes a zero for that target.
  • Classes for all adult shooters are as follows:
  • Spike - easiest shots, shortest range. Geared towards newer bow-hunters.
  • Fork - moderate shots, may have more range. Geared towards the average bow-hunter and those with several years experience.
  • Branch - hardest shots, may have longest range. Geared towards bow-hunters that want to push themselves.
  • Cub and youth classes will still be available.
  • No equipment classes or age break-downs.
  • Choose your class as you feel fit.
  • No trophies in any class. Prize packs instead. Prizes from companies such as Havalon, Primos, Danner, Thermacell, Scentkiller etc will make these much more useful to a bow-hunter than a shiny plaque.
  • Prizes in each class get better as you move up.
  • Prizes awarded based on a best of 2-day scoring system.
  • Saturday scores must be in by 8:00pm Saturday night. No leader board posted. Each shooter will have their highest score-card counted.
  • Broad-head tuning range with Rinehart broad-head targets at 20, 30, 40, and 50 yards. Targets and stands to be auctioned-off after the event. A few people are going to get some screaming deals on some good targets.
  • Saturday, courses open just after sunrise and will stay open until sunset.
  • Sunday, courses open at sunrise.
  • Wildgame potluck Saturday night will still be the same with some awesome food and great times.

As you can see, we are throwing out some new ideas trying to make this event more of a hunting event and less of a tournament. Comments are always welcome.
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