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Default arrow size

As I have posted before I am interested in getting in to some competition shoots. As of right now I use Easton Full Metal Jacket arrows which are some of the smallest diameter arrows I have ever shot with. I have ran in to some guys at the local archery range from time to time and noticed that they are shooting quite large aluminum arrows. So my question is why do they use such large arrows? Also I noticed they will have almost 3' long stabilizers on their bows why is that? In my opinion it looks quite goofy having such a long stabilizer but hey then again my knowledge of competition shooting is almost nonexistent. Thanks again for the help guys it is much appreciated.
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Smile response 2 question about arrows& stabilizers

Hey, most archers are shooting either the most popular carbon arrows or aluminum mainly. Some shoot small diameter arrows but most folks are set up with a weight of arrow to draw weight of bow.Its a matter of rest on the bow also. The reason they shoot long stabilizer bars is for greater balance and control which equals greater accuracy for more of a steady shot. that's why u see Olympic style shooters allow the entire bow to rotate forward like its falling forward or a follow through after they release the arrow. In my opinion when you see a archer who's using a regular size stabilizer and allowing his or her bow to rotate forward like an Olympic shooter its just nonsense! The weight is so forward on the 2'-3' stabilizers its natural for the bow 2 rotate forward but not on regular sized stabilizers.If you have never tried a half dozen gold tip carbon arrows they are super tough and extremely accurate for half the price depending on the specific model or line of arrow. Hope some of this helped a little? Quicksilver34SS-343fps, Winchester 2013, 74lb. draw, qad rest, archers choice truglo range rover single pin adjustable sight, apex quiver, g5 meta peep, truball release, gold tip carbon devastator arrows 340's, At 125 yards bow shoots 12" arrow groups all day! killed over 100plus deer w/ archery bows, its a deer paradise in northeast of country.
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Default Arrow size

The larger diameter shafts are sometimes called line cutters. Often a larger diameter will get you rubbed up against a line for the higher score where the smaller diameter will just miss it.
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