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Default Used Bows Question

I have purchased two used bows over the years (last 10 really, but my first one was a used on about 25 years ago...). The one has shot fairly well, but the other I purchased started to do unusual things right away, like the peep kept rotating and it was shooting all over the target. I had a new string made for it and it shoots great now, and has for a few years.

Anyways to my question, when you purchase a used bow do you put a new string on it right away or do you shoot it and see what it is like?

Would you do the same for a new bow?

I bought a Switchback new and was fairly happy with the way it shot. I had new strings made for it and put them on and it shoots incredible compared to the way it did with the original strings.
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A lot depends on who I bought from. I have a few friends that change bows yearly. I'll buy one and just shoot it. Some new bows have excellent strings (PSE pro series), while most people will change out the strings on a new Hoyt. A lot will depend on how picky you are on strings.

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Thumbs up used bow question

typically if i buy a used bow, the string condition itself will help me decide whether to change it or not.If it shows lots of wear and tear, then a new string it is.If i see issues like peep twist or the bow not beint able to to tuned properly-then that is a good indication a new string is required.
inspect it thoroughly and decide then
cheers and good luck
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