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Default wheelchair archery

my father, who uses a wheelchair and has full upper body capabilities, just let me know that he'd like to take up archery. i'd love to help him out with this, and am hoping to get him a bow for christmas. now, i understand that no one bow is "the right bow" for everyone, but i also understand that i know next to nothing about archery. can anyone give me some pointers on getting started on this quest? either recommendations of types of bows to look for, or good sites to visit for more information would be greatly appreciated!

chelsea etitameh
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skip pecor
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Thumbs up Wishing you both much success.

If you can afford a low priced bow(used/unwanted) with light poundage and light in weight would be a great starting point,then have some one, meaning knowlegable of archery(local pro shop/archery club) help with the correct draw length and the set up of the bow he will be starting with,keeping all cost down.This way you'll both be confortable with the time that will be needed to become proficient with this sport and as he improves and the enjoyment,knowledge,reach's the point of confidence and by then you will have the experience to upgrade your equipment, knowing your comfort zone in both draw weight and lenght,also the type's of bows available and assories you'll be wanting.I believe you should build yourself both mentally as well as physically before you build your equipment.I wish you both enjoyment and welcome to the sport of ARCHERY,hope this is of some help. Skip(physically challenged also) as a personal note,this sport has the finest sportsman of any,they are ALL willing to help in some way or other,and there is no question about being excepted,this I have expienced and witnessed.
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thank you very much for your suggestions and encouragement.
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Thumbs up

First off, WELCOME! That said, I think it would be best if you took him to a pro shop to try to pull a few bows to see what would be best for him. I am thinking he would want a short ata length as imho this would be easier to manage from his chair.
Also, they can get him measured, and he can get a feel for what is comfortable ie: draw weight, release or fingers, that sort of thing.
If he gets set up correctly from the start, he will have many years of enjoyment in this wonderful sport!
I have to say that it is nice to hear that you support him in this, and are willing to get him started! You know what would be an even better gift? For you to do it with him if you're interested.

Best of luck to both of you!
Give us an update when you find out.
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