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What is 3DShoots.com and how does it relate to 3D Archery and Target Archery?

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3DShoots provides an on-line searchable archery shoot database. Now you can search for Archery shoots or tournaments in your area. You can find 3D Archery, FITA, Field, Indoor 300 and 900 style shoots.

Starting in 2002, our goal was to become the central location for all Archery Shoot schedules, not just 3D. Our database currently includes shoots from nearly all 50 states and Canada. In 2010, we surpassed 6500 registered shoot dates. We now have established ourselves as the leading provider of archery shoot information. We will continue providing you with the most up to date Archery Tournament and Archery Event Schedules anywhere. To find Archery Shoots near you, just click the Find Shoots link above in the menu.


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You can click the Add/Edit Shoots link at the top of the page or use the Login on the right side of the page. You will need to register your club if you have not already done so. Please do not register more than once. After you login, just follow the instructions. If you have any difficulty, send us and email to shoots@3dshoots.com

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Our Archery Forum is growing by leaps and bounds. Here you can discuss anything related to archery. Join other Archers who are as passionate about archery as you are. We also really would like to hear from the Archery Shooters and Archery Clubs on what features you would like to see added to our Shoot Schedules Database. Please check it out. Click here > Archery Forum


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3D Shoots offers many search options. You can search for Archery Events by State, Month, or Archery Club Name. You can search for Indoor 300, 3D Archery, Field, Fita and Vegas style shoots. You can also search for an Archery Club in your area. We also have a Zip Code Radius Search. This will show you all the shoots within a 50 or 100 miles radius of your home Zip Code.

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You can now edit your Archery Tournament schedules. If you have any questions about registering your Archery Club or editing your tournament schedules, just send us an email.

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How can we make this site better? Let us know what you want changed, fixed, updated, or improved. Send us your ideas. Email us shoots@shoots.com or visit the Archery Forum

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