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What is an Indoor 300 Archery Tournament or Event?

An indoor 300 Tournament, obviously takes place indoors. The shooters stand next to each other at a distance of 20 yards and shoot at a paper target.

The shooters then proceed to shoot 5 arrows called an 'end'. After each 'end', you retrieve your arrows and usually have someone else write down the score. There are two different style of targets that can be used. A single spot that has one bullseye or a 5 spot that has 5.

Beginners normally use a single spot. Their groups of arrows are not generally small enough to damage other arrows already in the target. The other advantage is the single spot has a 3 ring. This is the furthest outside ring. The 5 spot target does not have this ring. The same arrow shot on a 5 spot would result in a zero.

Advanced shooters will not shoot at a single spot because they would be likely to shoot their own arrows. This can result in a miss because of the deflection of one arrow hitting another. It can also result in the infamous Robinhood. This is where you actually shoot one arrow down inside the previous arrow that was already in the target. For expert shooters, it is not uncommon to hit your own arrow.

The scoring in a Indoor 300 Tournament is almost always scored by another person. This is to keep everyone honest. The scoring rings are 5, 4, 3, 0. However, there is an X inside the 5 ring. So per arrow the best possible score is a 5 and since you shoot 5 arrows per end, the best score is 25 per end. There is also the X as mentioned above. The X is used for tie breakers. The more X's you get the better you are. For example, if one shooter gets a 280 with 20 X's and the other gets a 280 with 35 X's the 35 X person wins.

The ideal score is a perfect score of 300 with 60X's. Many shooters spend years trying to achieve the 300 60X. It's almost like a 300 in bowling, not the easiest thing to accomplish.

Shooting the Indoor 300 is just another method to perfect your shooting. Consistency is very important to achieving high scores in this game. Age and gender also have no bearing here, anyone can be successfully at this game.


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