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Target Archery

  • Target Archery, many types
  • Type of Targets used in Target Archery

  • Target Archery, many types

    Target Archery comes in many forms. From the basic backyard shooter all the way to the olympic games.

    In the U.S. Today, 3D Target Archery seems to be the most common. This is followed closely by Indoor Target Archery.

    The distance you are required to shoot is different for each type of tournament. For example, Indoor 300 events only shoot 20 yards. But Field tournaments require you to shoot 80 yards at the longest. Some FITA events require you to shoot 90meters.

    Type of Target Archery Targets

    For Indoor 300 you shoot at a 5-spot paper target and one arrow at each target. For 3D Archery you shoot foam 3 dimensional, usually full sized, animals at various distances. Normally used to simulate hunting. Field Tournaments, you shoot paper spots at distances from 12 yards to 80 yards. FITA tournaments are usually measured in meters and vary the distance shooting at a 3ft round paper target. Vegas tournments, you shoot 20 yards at a 3 spot paper target, on arrow each target.

    So you are probably thinking these vegas or 5-spot tournaments sound easy right. The winners of these types normally shoot every arrow into the bullseye. For an Indoor 300 round, that's 60 arrows in a row! It's like trying to bowl a 300 game. It's doable but not easy and takes a lot of practice.

    Here are some Target Archery Examples...

    FITA Target
    Vegas Target
    5-spot Target
    3D Archery
    Deer Target
    3D Archery
    Bear Target
    3D Archery
    Turkey Target

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