05" Bowtech Old Glory/camo

Discussion in 'Bowtech Bows for Sale or Trade' started by glenny, Dec 3, 2005.

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    Well I got ths one just a few months before hunting season opened...
    It's a 29"
    70# limbs
    I tagged out here in Illinios with my two bucks on the 10th of November.
    120" 10 point
    144 3/8" 8 point
    The tracking distance for both bucks combined in yardage was 60 yards.
    It drilled em"
    I am ordering a new one for this year,and have a trade offer on this bow for a brand new constitution/about in a week.
    I would like to give anyone here on this forum a chance to purchase the bow...outright.
    It is a ideal bow because you can use it for target/3d or hunting.
    $450 shipped to your door.
    I hope that to whomever buys it keeps it's reputation,it seems to like bucks down within bowrange.
    Pm me for any takers or questions.
    Jolly x-mas to someone that's for sure.....
  2. glenny

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    Really want to make someone happy for X-mas?

    Maybe even yourself?
    You can't buy one like this any cheaper....
    This is a great bow in great shape.
    It really hasn't been shot that much at all.
    Any questions or interests.
    give me a Email.
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  3. glenny

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    It's gone.

    Traded it...