'06 Bowtech - 80% LO not possible with fast cams

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by Next Ridge Over, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. Next Ridge Over

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    My '06 Allegiance showed up. I ordered it with the fast cams at 80% letoff.

    The pro shop never said a word about anything when I placed my order.

    When it arrived I asked them to make sure it was at 80% or as close as possible and he told me that you MUST use the smooth cam to get 80% letoff. :confused:

    Is this true? You either order the fast cam = 65% letoff or smooth cam=80% letoff???????

    This pro shop in not very technical and basically handed me the box and said good luck. This is why I ask. Can anyone say they have the fast cam AND 80% letoff. Is this BowTech's position on this. Thanks for any advice!
  2. Next Ridge Over

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    BowTech BS - I'm starting to bash out of frustration

    I can't remember my AT password but I know some of you frequent both sites and have a lot more knowledge than I.

    This concerns the '06 Allegiance. Everyone says the first thing to do is get your ATA. Well I have measured two of these bows now and if you take them out to the 34 inch ATA you are going to be in a world of hurt the way I see it. Both bows measured at 33 5/8 ATA.

    Would it be recommended to open this thing up 3/8 of an inch??? This bow is very impressive but the local pro shop guy has NO INFORMATION on what this bow is suppose to be set at.

    It kind of sucks that I'm going to have to run a whisker bisquet rest because of all the BS that you get. Example: I ask the proshop guy what we do to restore the 80% LO after tieing in a fall away. His answer is nothing. If you call BowTech there answer is "take it to your pro shop." Well I have news for you - this is turning into a circle with NO ANSWERS from anyone. The only people that seem to know anything on these - ie Dave Nowlin from AT claims it is easy - you just set ATA and then get the let off back to 80%. So MR. Nowlin or anyone else, BowTech says the ATA is 34". Should I take a brand new bow that is supposedly factory set to optimum performance and change the ATA distance by 3/8 of an inch? The '05 Allegiance I believe had the 33 5/8" ATA. Did BowTech post the '06 as 34" just to simplify? If so they REALLY should provide their dealers with some info on these things. And by the way the second one came with an owners manual. Don't get your hopes up that their is any info in those. Basically is says to take it to the pro shop. Um.........thanks:confused: No dimensions, no info on cam stop location????

    I guess for those of you looking to buy BowTech this would be part of your decision process. I wish I had known before I ordered. I even asked the guy if he had set up a bunch of these and he said yes and they are easy?????? And then proceeded to sell me a bow with fast cams at 80% LO. Once I paid for it he tells me that I have to run the smooth cam to acheive 80% LO???? Why not tell me that when I placed the order???
    I guess it is easy when you don't do a thing. I have spent all the time researching this that I'm going to do. I spent alot of money on this thing and now feel like my best option is to not touch a thing and just shoot it with a whisker bisquit - not what I wanted but I feel like I have no choice because there is not a straight answer to be found.

    And finally for anyone shooting the '06 - do you have to trim the string silencers so they don't fly off?

    This is making me sick - I HATE to grip about something that appears to be an awesome bow but I feel like people should know the truth about what you get.

  3. Chris

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    The Fast module will still do 80% approximate letoff. Certain sizes will only achieve about 77-78% let-off.

    Just to confirm my thoughts on this, I called Bowtech for confirmation. That said this is a common misconception on the fast modules.

    Your dealer needs to talk to Bowtech about how to get closer to 80% if your bow is in fact not getting the 80% let off. It's really not that difficult to adjust. All you need is a bow press and a draw weight scale.
  4. Next Ridge Over

    Next Ridge Over Guest

    Thank you very much Chris:amen:

    78% is fine. I'm not trying to be overly picky - I just want it set up correctly and if 78% is as close as it gets - GREAT

    I almost freaked on the guy when he said I had to switch to the smooth cam because I felt BowTech was not advertising it as smooth=65% and fast=80%.

    I LOVE the feel and look of this thing!!!! I just hate to scrap my $100+ fall away rest and go with a whisker bisquit because no one will tell me what the actual ATA is. It is like it is a secret that no one tied to the industry will talk about :eek:

    I understand the pro shops need to make there money too and am all for that. I'm honestly thinking about buying the pro shop the $90 digital scale just so they can set it up and think about this a little. They are very "old school" and if your not shooting a Mathews then you are doing it wrong.

    I guess I could buy a press and keep the scale for myself but my wife is expecting and my house is filling up with baby stuff. I guess that is the route I will end up going. I prefer to work on my own equipment as much as possible and I would not be relient on "team Mathews."

    Please, anyone else have experience with these?????
    Again, THANK YOU for checking. I really appreciate your advice!!!
  5. beast

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    don't give up!

    i'am in the same boat your in. according to dave nowlin you should tie your string on your dropaway 6"below your rest after you have the lift and drop set where you want it.you should also retard your top cam with a dropaway, you can do this by adding 1-2 twists on the top cable. or to keep your draw lenght the same add 1 twist to top cable and take one twist out of the bottom cable. this will keep your bow at 80% letoff.:amen:
  6. glenny

    glenny Guest

    I didn't think so.

    Wow,dude started going off there for a minute.
    I clearly got aggrivated trying to get it right....
    went for the world record bowpresses in one evening.
    I know that by twisting the top cable it will increase the letoff.I would recommend making sure you have the correct holding weight with a accurate bowscale as you do,especially if using pure backtention you might have to find a medium.
    I found that out after jacking the thing up and down and all around that you will decrease the holding weight as you increase the letoff as well.
    I had 9 inches of bracheight...
    39 1/2 inches axle to axle...
    and about 65% letoff on my constitution...
    There...we go...I went back to specs though.
    There is more adjustability than I thought with the binarys.keep it simple...
  7. fastfred

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    what kind of nut is on the draw stop

    If brass, U may not be able to get it past the module. Being brass, they are taller and will not go past the module.

    If other color, and slimmer, it is stainless and will slip past the module, allowing U to get 80%,

    Also, there has been an update on the module screws so they do not lock down so tight as early models. The new screws may require a little bit of BLUE threadloc from Loctite. Mine became loose within a 100 shots and a little threadloc did the job. AGAIN, use the BLUE
  8. Next Ridge Over

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    Glenny - I hear you on the "world record bow press." That is exactly what I was thinking this weekend. Thanks for the laugh!

    fastfred - the first one I recieved had the brass stop. My buddy purchased that one. The second one (the one I kept) has the stainless steel stop.
    Thanks for the locktite advice.

    Sooooo - we both spend about 5 hours at the pro shop this weekend. I have the smooth mod - the other has the fast mod. According to the steel spring scale (not all that accurate) the fast mod bow is very close to the 80%. This is with a tubeless peep tied in and a drop zone tied to the down cable at 2 inches below the nock point and NO twists on anything. We left it at factory settings. This bow is 27.5 d/l and was shooting 293 fps with a 375 grain set up.

    My bow is 28 d/l with smooth mod, same 375 grain arrow and it was 290 fps with the drop zone and peep. The pro shop guy is on drop zones shooting staff and called them about the "6 inches below" and they said they knew nothing of this???? Anyway, mine is tied in about 2 inches below the rest. This bow appears to have about 17 pounds holding weight (14 lbs would be 80%LO) No twists to anything.

    Don't have a clue what that tells everyone - maybe some of you that are familiar with the binary can decipher the results?? I can't. We got about 3 hours of outdoor shooting in and they appear to be shooting OK. The wind is howling so hard up here it is hard to tell but I will let you guys know once we get a calm day. It seems like the 375 grain Axis 400 might be slightly underspined. We are having a hard time getting bullet holes on paper but when we shoot a big, heavy alluminum they paper tune just fine??????

    Thanks for any replies and all the info - you guys really are helpful and it is appreciated. I would like to hear what you all think - Thanks, Steve.