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    I have a 07 switchback with no more than 30 shots through it. Its 50-60lbs with 2 cams 28 and 28.5 both 65% let off. Holding weight was about 19lbs. It has not even been broken in. It also has 2 sets of strings a brand new just installed set of vapor trails and a set of bling strings with the 30 or less shots through them. I also have a vibekiller (sts type system) and vapor trail limb driver. Here is a pic before the vibekiller. The sight is not included but I have another that is laying around I could put on. The stabilizer is not included nor is the peep or sling. It has an apple jack low wrist torqueless grip as well. It is an awsome shooter but my son just doesnt need 3 bows right now.
    $725 shipped priority tyd for everything.
    $650tyd shipped priority for the bare bow and 2 sets of strings.