1/2 dozen Gold Tip Expedition Hunter 7595 camo

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    I am selling 6 Gold Tip Expedition Hunter camo 7595 arrows. I bought these as raw shafts, cut them down, and squared them with my G5 ASD. They have reflective arrow wraps and are fletched from my bitzenberger with two Black and one Green Vane-Tec vanes with a right hand helical. The inserts were also squared after glueing.

    The arrows are 26 5/8" long and were set up to shoot on my Elite E-500 with a 28.5" draw and a Trophy Taker rest.

    I bought them without realizing how much heavier the camo shafts are as compared to the black XT's. I just ended up buying new arrows. I believe I shot two of these arrows in my bag target before they were put away. They are like new.

    I am asking $50 TYD.

    PayPal and Postal MO accepted.