$1,500 in prize money $1,000 for first place

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    www.gardenstatearches.conThe 4th Annual Garden State Archers 3D Shoot-Out is almost upon us. JUNE 24th & 25th
    This 40 target, 3D shoot consists of 20 marked yardage and 20 unmarked 3D targets, laid throughout the range at the Garden State Archers.
    Located in Jacobstown N.J
    Using the marked and unmarked scores combined the top ten shooters will qualify to participate in the Shoot-Out held Sunday afternoon at 2:30 PM. There will be nine 3Ds set out at unmarked yardages, each of the ten shooters will shoot the first target and the one furthest from the center of the X will be eliminated. This will be repeated until there is only one shooter left. The top shooter will receive $1,000.00, 2nd place will receive $350.00, and 3rd place will be awarded $150.00.
    There are 12 classes depending on your shooting equipment, age, and gender.

    From the orange stakes; all adults using a compound bow, and wishing to compete:

    MMS-- Male Movable Sight

    MFS----Male Fixed Sight

    MCB---Male Compound Bow no sights

    FMS----Female Moveable Sight

    FFS-----Female Fixed Sight

    FCB----Female Compound Bow no sights

    From the green stakes; all youth 13-17 years of age and not competing to be in the Shoot-Out, and any adult not competing:

    YM----Male Youth 13-17 using any equipment except for traditional

    YF-----Female Youth 13-17 using any equipment except for traditional

    BH----Any adult not using traditional equipment, not shooting for money

    From the white stakes; all shooters using traditional equipment, Cubs, and Peewee’s:

    TRD---Recurve or longbow no sights

    CUB---9-12 years of age

    Peewee---8 and under

    Along with the prize money, there will be awards given for marked, unmarked, and combined top scores for each class. FREE Shoot-Out T-Shirts to the first 100 registered shooters, door prizes, 50/50 drawings and more.

    Cost for adults is $15.00 for each day or $25.00 for both and uses your best score to qualify. Youths pay $10.00 each day or $15.00 for both. Cubs and Peewees shoot for FREE.

    Go to the web sight for more info and a map to the range