11 brand new supercarbon shafts

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    got 11 brand new full length, never shot or fletched shafts, with nocks and inserts, nocks are flo green, can take money orders, or paypal, pls email with ?s or info. These i belive are the same or close spine as a carbon express 200. their 45-60s, i shot them at about 65 lbs around 27 inches, they were great for 3d!! and these are the super carbon SUPREME shafts, better tolerances and streightness over the reg super carbons. Ive also got 10 or so fletched up ones i will be listing on here, their at my office now and i dont know how long they are, will be listing them later. will let these go for $70.00 to your door, they were $117.00 a doz when i bought them. thanks alot all!!!