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  1. Radar

    Radar Story of my life

    I went up to the club today to shoot my 300 rnd league score. Shot a 39X 299 I am never gonna get a 300. Last year I could bet you money that I would not shoot worse than a 299 this year I have been struggling but working hard. second game second end fourth arrow hits in the 4 ring:frusty: :mad: :doh: :frusty:
  2. Holy Smokes

    Holy Smokes Senior Member

    quiters never win and winners never quit
    keep after it ol bud
    it will happen
    ask some pros or good shots to evealuate your form
    it's tha little foxes that spoil tha grapes
    Ibelieve in you
    now go git em' dude

  3. cowboy50

    cowboy50 New Member

    don't worry you will git it
  4. BowhuntnHoosier

    BowhuntnHoosier Bisquit.......

    Maybe you need to get a good bow????:tape: :laugh:

    No I'm just kiddin, keep at it if you can shoot a 299 then a 300 is right around the corner.:peace:

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    Dude I feel your pain.......I shot a 300 first night of league........then follow that up with a 298.......and THEN A FREAKIN 294......(the worst round i have ever shot)......

    then I shoot a 300.........then a 295:frusty: :frusty: :frusty:

    i just cant seem to get the consistancy that I had last year......I missed 6 total points last 12 week league......:frusty: :frusty:
  6. ecmbowhunter

    ecmbowhunter Member

    Yeah hang in there, it'll come. I shot my first 300 with 46x a couple weeks ago. Friday I shot a 300 with 51x:rockon:...I'm the top dog in the shop now:peace:
  7. Radar

    Radar Story of my life

    Yeah I am gonna stick with it, It is just mind numbing sometimes,:biggrin1: thanks guys
  8. Chris

    Chris Administrator Staff Member

    You don't even want to know how bad I shot yesterday. Let just say there were some 4's and leave it at that. Target panic is an ugly thing.:frusty:

    I'm working through it. Don't they say admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery?
  9. CSS Shooter

    CSS Shooter Senior Member

    Radar you will be fine. I had never shoot a 300 in league play until Saturday. I have shoot 300's before but never in league. I usually shoot 299 w/ 45 to 53 but never the 300. I always have a gray matter melt down at least once. But Paper has never been my game. You can do it.
  10. JDX--

    JDX-- Member

    Sometimes we let the numbers get to us, Years ago I worked hard at breaking the 300 barrier I give credit to a few things for accomplishing that feat. My mind tends to work against me, I am a person that can get nerved up pretty easy, some days I can control this better then others. There are days that I try hard to settle down and relax and at times it works great and I am rock solid and there are days that I’m shaking like crazy for a while those days I will take the game out of it in the opening rounds.
    The things that helped me get to and beyond 300
    I worked hard at brainwashing myself (the mental game) daily I would write down on a target that I can and will shoot a 300 round because it’s me and I like it, I would take a target and write this on it in the morning and at night. Your mind remembers things better if wrote down versus telling your self. You can always recite this in your mind during the day to add extra training on the mental game.
    I was able to get a more relaxing target acquisition using a true spot lens back then this also helped my scores.
    Another tip that is overlooked is when practicing shoot beyond your normal rounds until you achieve your 300 score it may take a few extra rounds at first but then your subconscious gets used to the fact that your hitting 300s and soon your doing it in the normal 12 rounds,
    This same practice also works well with working your x counts and in time you will hit 60 Xs or close in the normal game frame also.

    I hope this helps some
    Good luck

  11. Radar

    Radar Story of my life

    thanks JDX I will try those things I know on the mental side of it I am bringing a knife to a gun fight