2004 Year End MAC Meeting

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  1. Just wanted to let all those interested that the 2004 year-end MAC Meeting has been scheduled for December 11, 2004. The meeting will be held at Blackhawk Field Archers in Rockton, IL. The Board will meet privately at noon and then a public meeting will begin at 2pm SHARP!! For those who are unable to attend the meeting, comments, questions, complaints, etc. may be emailed to me at [email protected]. I will take these emails to the meeting for discussion. Thanks all! Hope to see everyone at the meeting. :)
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    I wasn't able to attend the meeting. I'm glad to see Jeff Borg has been put on the Rules committee.

    Have you put any more thought into having a MAC forum section on this website?

  3. MAC Forum

    Hi Chris,
    We have decided to keep our website and message board where it is for now. However, I dont see a problem with designing a forum here at this website if you would like to do it. Thanks! :)