2007 Custom Powder Coated Hoyt Vulcan

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    27 inch draw, 60-70 pound, custom HOYT Vulcan. Custom powder coated by Moose Ridge Coatings in Maine. The riser is powder coated Harley Black in a wrinkled texture, the limb pockets and cams are powder coated grey/silver, and the limbs are Duracoated in black swirl in grey.

    Hoyt bow only---$550.00

    Postens intermediate stabilizer---$45

    Toxonics 3515 single pin micro adjust elevation and windage sights---$75

    HHA Dropaway rest--$40


    I will also throw in 6 Easton X7 Cobalt 2412 arrows.

    I am located in Murray, KY. I can ship, but at the buyers expense. I can take PayPal, I would prefer cash FTF. PM me for more info. I have only shot this bow 2-3 times after getting her done up. I guess I'm not a two bow kinda guy. I have a camo Hoyt Vulcan identical to this one that is jealous so I gotta dump this girl. I'll probably be sorry for selling it some day. You can also reach me at mike_epperson@mchsi.com

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    do you still have the bow