2007 Elite Synergy Spring E Leaf Camo $500 TYD

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    Selling a 2007 Elite Synergy Spring E leaf Camo. Bow is at 28" draw right now, has Xtreme Strings and Cables on it (were replaced Aug 2007).

    The bow has a custom GripWerks one piece grip (but I'll toss the original sideplates in the box with it)

    it has a MeanV string suppessor on it, but I also have the E-Suppressor if someone wants that included. The MeanV is specific for the brace height so it will come with the bow.

    Asking $500 TYD. No trades please unless it's for a 2008 model bow.
    This is for the bare bow plus the grips and string suppressor. It has a ripcord arrow rest on it that I'd consider leaving on if you want to make an offer.

    Also, just in case anyone is wondering that Doinker stablizer in the pics is for sale. I initially put it on the bow cause I had it already, that first pic isn't as new as you can see the other pics show the grip that is on it now. I'll sell the Doinker A-Bomb 7" Armored Stabilizer for $25 TYD. They're $40 brand new, and this one never made it into the field. The Jim Posten satbilizer that is in the other pics I will also consider selling with the bow if u want to make an offer.
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    Also, while i don't have any feedback on this forum, I do on Archery Talk under the same screenname and it's 100% favorable.
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    What is the poundage?

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    to bad i have a 07 iron mace for trading......
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    DO you still have it? If so I am interested!