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    Hi all. I am SO happy to find this site. There is more information than I can shake a stick at.

    Which brings me to my first question (which may be a FAQ, but I didn't see it). Where is a definitive site that objectively reviews archery equipment?

    I've gone to huntersfriend.com and read every word of every page I could find. They are very informative and have too raw data on the bows (well, not for 2008, but we won't scorn them for running a little behind).

    If there really isn't a good place on the web, then do you think a bit of site reorg here would be an answer? I mean, some of the very best review info I've read has been buried within this forum...it's just a bit of a challenge to dig it out. Besides, I figure every archer alive just hangs for a chance to give a review of their investments (especially if the format is standard so they just have to answer questions about their experiences).

    The help for newbies would be great, but it could also establish 3dshoots.com as the definitive repository for objective gear reviews.

    Finally, did I mention that I'm looking to get into 3d and field archery comp after being an archery hunter (whitetail) about 20 years ago...then taking a 10 year break? In other words...I'm reaching high frustration levels trying to understand all of the choices and technology that's out there. To make matters tougher, I'm in Brisbane Australia and there aren't an abundance of pro shops in the area.

    Thanks for reading my novel.:biggrin1:
  2. kbohunt

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    Hi there

    And :welcome: to the forum
    It is hard to weed out all the different information out there
    But you came to a great sight
    Ive been shooting 3D for about 15 years total but bowhunting 30years
    I was a staff shooter at age 20 and got burned out on it around age 35
    after a 10 year break ive just gotten back in it last year and WOW what a change in Equipment:doh:
    The best way Ive found is to read the info and the Review's of the shooters on this sight, some only promote there brands but some dont mind and will really let you know about a bow that is not there brand but think it's awesome:D
    For instance IM a PSE Shooter and love my brand but i went out and shot a
    Black ICE by Diamond, Did a Review on it and you would think i was a Diamond shooter, Awesome Bow
    So with that said, read and take the shooter who reviews the product
    with a grain of salt:D
    Hope this helps, KBO:biggrin1:

  3. Dooby

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    Thanks for advise

    Thanks for the advise. I'll surely take that grain of salt to heart.

    I went out this past weekend and fired a couple of different bows. The short of what I learned, comparing the news bows to 1990's gear, is:
    1. All new bows are seriously fast and deadly accurate
    2. Parallel limbs really do make the feel "nicer"
    3. Carbon arrows...wow!
    4. Even a fairly aggressive cam is smooth
    5. Can tech seems to differentiate religion more than performance
    6. There are a LOT more options for LH with 31" draw

    I feel confused after shooting the Drenalin LD and the Bowtech Commander. The Bowtech just "feels" a bit nicer to shoot to me, but they are both tremendous bows. I lean toward the Commander because it has a LOT of draw weight adjustment and uses cheaper modules to change the draw length. Both the Mathews and the Hoyt bows I've looked at require cam changes to change the draw length. Furthermore, local Hoyt shops won't/can't change cams on bows they have. They require an order to be placed to get the bow in my draw length. I even had one shop say that the bow is draw length specific and that the can cannot be changed without also changing the limbs and all cables.

    I expect my draw length and draw weight will change (possible a little, maybe a lot) as I get back into archery. Because of that...the extra adjustment looks appealing.

    There are more local shops that stock Mathews bows, however, and most of them refer to Bowtech as "Blow-tech" for their reputation to blow up in your face. I've never really heard it from anyone who has experienced it first hand (that wasn't a Mathews dealer) but it's something that sticks in the back of my mind.

    Finally, I've only really looked at Hoyts, Mathews and Bowtech, but I know there are MANY different makers out there with equivalent bows (sometimes at greatly cheaper prices). Hence...the confusion continues.
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    Scroll down in this forum to "what is brace height" by kyuzo. Click on his thread and the first responce from JC lists a web address. Click on it and you may find, as I did, an excellent, unbiased article containing a wealth of information useful in choosing a new bow. I printed the whole thing to save and reread any time I feel closed minded about a certain brand, or if I'm being drawn in by all the hype surrounding a new technology or product. I hope it helps. Welcome and happy hunting!