23 Easton Axis 340's for sale.

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    I need to build some new, lighter arrows for my rig I'm gonna shoot this year so these need to go to fund some more...
    1st dozen are 26 1/2" long from the throat of the nock to the end, wrapped with red/white tribal flame wraps & fletched with 3 flo red blazers with a right helical twist in a Bitz jig with GoatTuff glue.
    Price= $65 shipped

    The other 11 have various wraps on them and Blazers, some need redone, and 2 need cut down & inserts installed "i have the inserts for them". Length 27 1/8".
    Price= $50 shipped

    Or I'll sell all of them for $110 shipped and I'll throw in a new, unopened box of orange Easton nocks for the Axis shafts if you take all of them.
    I dont have any feeback on here but I have a bunch on Archerytalk and it's all great.
    Pics of 1st dozen=

    Pics of the 11=

    I'd also consider trading on them for other carbon arrows, depending on what kind you've got.