3-D Bow sight- 3-D XL- by Custom Bow Equipment, Dudley MA

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    Mint Condition, this 3-D XL Bow Sight is great for serious 3-D or target or shooters.
    Comes with pair of scopes ( round and oval) without lens. I bought this for
    my wife a few years ago and was seldom used due to eyesight problems.
    It is like brand new! I am told this is a high end $192.00+ sight (reason for buying it) I am only asking $98.00.
    This is an extremely well built, finely engineered sight that allows rapid, yet precise calibration, as required,
    for each shot. Features a 6 - 3/4 inch extension bar.

    The aperature opening is black aluminum (not silver) featuring a single fibre optic pin.

    Who ever buys this will be more than pleased I am sure. I know my wife sure was impressed with it for the
    short time she used it (perhaps used a dozen times).
    The first two Photos provided are mine, the following two are typical factory representations of the bow sight that feature
    a silver aperture and mulit pins. As I advertised, the sale item is black with single fiber optic pin, not a multi pin style.
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    you have a pm

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