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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by sweet old bill, Aug 20, 2007.

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    I took the suggestions I got here and changed over the cable guard from a lower riser position to a Muzzy cable guard that is the upper sight position and also changed the type of cable guard slide. Well from the problems I was having of the cable guard changing or turning in after a few shots.

    The new set up seems to work very well with shot after shot being in the bull at 20 yards with a fiber optic scope on a tok sight... so let me thank all, that took a few minutes to help this old fart (65) and help me to gain the knowledge to fix the bow set up. I now am ready for that indoor season.

    Now my next question is how many of you change over from a norman carbon size to fat shaft of carbon or alum for the indoor season and is this really needed ????

    thanks Bill
  2. QSA

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    It is not realy needed, it just helps build a better score. With all games come rules, and with rules of compation you want to ride on the edge. So you shoot the largest arrow they let you in the rules to get the highest score. They are not needed. But have you ever see a totaly stock engine win a nascar race? Here is one more good thing about then. If you make a good shot in the X ring. Then all you have to do is have you point tip hit in that hole and the arrow tip will guide itself into that hole again.


    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    yup, if you can shoot 5 inside out x's to start with, the rest of the x's should come a little easier.....should.......
  4. Ronhop

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    Fat shafts help me because I always seem to be border-line on everything...:biggrin1:

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    I shoot a much heavier aluminum shaft for spots. I don't care about speed all that matters is 20 yards and putting it in the the X. My score increases greatly due to larger arrows.