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    I have shot a few 3d tournaments, and am looking at getting into it more serious this year. I am going to shoot glue in tips, 5 pins (fixed), and a 7 inch stabilizer. I dont know what vane length I am going to shoot. I guess I can start out at novice...but if I win or decide to move up I want to have fletching appropreate for the next step. What would this be. What is the difference between MBR, the open classes, and the "money" classes I have heard about. I thought a lot of classes gave out money. Thanks for any help.
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    MBR usually allows longer stabilizers but is still a fixed pin class. Open class is normally for scoped shooters. However, there is nothing that say you can't shoot pins in the open class. Money is basically the same as MBO but pays money to the winners. Sometimes the distances are longer in the money class.

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    Some of the money shoots will have extra point shots located away from the 10 ring, another way to bump your score in a hurry. Dont be to quick to jump classes the level of skill also goes up dramaticlly, many find they should have worked on their game before moving
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    I would shoot with people in the comp and not limit yourself to shoot with/the harder courses when you can for practice.
    It makes you excell in a sense to practice at longer yardages,guesswork in how far a target is and accuracy on where the 12 ring is at on each animal.
    You choose what class you get into.
    You will know where you belong into a couple.