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Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by blade, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. blade

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    I have been instructed by my bow tech to get a new release. I have been using a tru-fire pro bearing for some 16 years because it works well for me. But he informs me that that particular type of release is hard on the servings.
    I like the carters, but (too rich for my blood). I came across the tru-fire 3d hunter, Still a little pricey but I like the feel and it looks like it has potential.
    Has anyone had any experiance with this release?

    Good or bad welcome.
  2. MoBowman

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    IMHO, any clip on release is hard on the servings. Thats why most are useing a loop, to eliminate the wear and tear and any nock pinch. If your confortable with what you are useing, continue to use it and have a small loop added.

  3. clemenlp

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    I agree, however, my Father-in-law shoots with a release right off the servings and has been on the same string for four years. His really shows no sign of wear, so it depends. If you change the string every couple of years and are shooting consistent go with what you know. But, if you want to get off the string and keep the release you have try it with a loop, you will have to have the DL adjusted though..

    IMHO I agree with MoBowman and would get it on a loop, but this doesn't mean that you have to invest in a new release if you have one that you like.
  4. BowhuntnHoosier

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    I agree totally put a loop on the string especially if you are comfortable with your release.
  5. 3dhunter

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    I agree, a D-Loop will save the wear and tear and allow you to stop pre-loading the arrow. Anything to make for a better and smoother release.