3D in a nutshell?

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    Please corect me if I'm wrong but this is how I understand a couple of basic principals in 3D.
    1) A faster arrow (bow) is better.
    2) Faster arrow = smaller distance between pins, less chance of missing target due to misjudged distance.
    3) Speed is capped somewhere near 280 fps?
    Here a re a few questions then:
    1) Would a skinny arrow be better than a fat arrow? Heavy vs. light Or
    2) Do you get the arrow weight to a point where speed is within the limit?
    I think I'm on the cusp of grasping this but need a bit of guidance.


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  2. MoBowman

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    Some like the fatter arrows, takes up more space in the target for the ones that don't shoot so well:tape: Little more advantage of cutting the line.

    The lightest arrow is not always the best, usually pick up a few more fps with them. Just my .02 :biggrin1:

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    At an IBO event, as long as your arrow weighs at least 5 grains per pound of actual draw weight you can shoot a bow that is as fast as you want. If your shooting at 70lbs and your arrow weighs at least 350gr and your speed is 305fps, you are legal.

    I shoot the fattest arrow I can find. This past year I used Gold Tip X-cutters and next will be Easton Fatboys. They are big, but very light. As MoBo put it, us shooters that don't shoot so well need all the help we can get:Cry: . I try to grain my arrows out to about 5.5 gpp just to be on the safe side.

    Regardless of the arrow size and bow speed, nothing will improve your scores more than practicing and honing your yardage judging skills. There are a lot of indoor spot shooters that shoot lights out indoor but suck outdoor. They can't judge yardage and do not know shot placement on the targets.

    If my bow would shoot a cross tie at least 200fps, I would be all over that.....:peace:
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    The 280 fps rule is for ASA and there is a plus 3%. A smaller diameter shaft will have less wind drag and will have less left right due to the wind. Most local clubs do not have a speed limit rule around here. But if you are planning on shooting major events ( IBO, ASA) you should set your Bow up to meet the rules then shoot all of your locals this way. Hope this helps.
  5. two_shoes

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    Thanks guys for your take. So Fat ones may be better for indoor and skinny for high crosswind outdoor? It sounds a lot like bow choice, very individual.

  6. S.ROB

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    Here in G.A. most clubs follow the ASA guidlines of 280fps+3% or 288. Last year was my first full seson, I shot in the bow novice. Now its all about fun and meeting new people, but I would also like to be competitive. Last year I shot G.T. 5575 arrows .296 outside dia. 375 grns at 268fps, this year G.T. 22's at around 338 grns .330 outside dia at 288 fps. New W.C. string and cable 8125, G-5 .125 tita peep.I am thinking about a longer ata bow, camo and black A-7, maybe pictures in two weeks.
    Practice the yardage.
  7. Radar

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    I personally like fat arrows for both indoor and outdoor. I shoot Easton X7 eclipse 2613's indoor and Easton Fatboy outdoor. Its all in what you are comfortable in.
  8. practice! pracrice! practice!

    I have been shooting indoor and outdoor for awhile now.when i started i shot what everyone said to.then i started shooting arrows that shot the best out of my equipment.that is what really matters.shooting fat arrows or toothpick sized arrows is all good and its true fat arrows will help you up your score,and skinny ones are fast , but it its't all about your equipment , it's not the bow , or the arrows! its you , how you hold the bow and how confident you feel about the shot.we all have a lot of things running threw our heads when were looking through the peep , take a deep breath when you get to the stake go through your check list in your head concintrait on the that one tiny little spot and don't let your mind or eyes wonder.the only thing you really need to do and thats to PRCTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! BECOME THE ARROW!!!and the more you pratice , the more you will become the arrow , and you will be able to hit anything you put your mind to. GOOD LUCK:amen:
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    Need Chevy Chase saying "nananananana" Be the arrow! I love it.
    Hey you wouldn't happen to know The Rosse family there in Bee Branch would you? Young couple with 3 kids? They are friends of my wife's from high school.

  10. i may not but my wife might. u have any pics and ill shw her maybe she knows your wife to?:noidea:eek:h and "Become the arrow "is from byron ferguson www.byronferguson.com if you have'nt seen any of his vidios your missin out he's really good
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