3D Newbie Here.

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    Hey guys. I'm new to archery, and even newer to 3D shooting. I have no idea what I am doing so far. I just have some confusion I'd like to sort out. I have a Hoyt Alphamax bow, set at #60 so far, 28"draw. I'd just like to know how I should set up my bow for 3D and what arrows I should use/weight. I haven't built an arrow before,so I am also curious on what inserts to use, or can I buy a good arrow already set for me?
    - should I remove silencers for 3D shooting?
    - my drop away arrow rest has fletching marks on it.
    - how large of a stabilizer do I really need? I see some insane lengths.
    - fat or skinny arrow?
    - I can't find any speed balls, should I even bother with speed nock?
    - I have a 5 pin sight for hunting, should I go to one pin?

    Sorry for so many questions, I just want to tune my bow to its best capabilities so I can get to my best capabilities and can factor out equipment as an error.
    I also have a recurve but I will leave that mess for another discussion in a few more months.
    Thanks in advance guys. I love archery and hope to see some of you at competitions.
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    1) silencers are fine
    2) Might be worth having a shop check centershot on that rest
    3) Stabs will depend on what class you want to shoot. Hunter class 12" is it; the target type stabs will put you at longer distances.
    4) If you are a top type shooter the fat arrows could maybe give a small edge; for we common folk not a big deal
    5) From what I have read you are buying ~5fps; again are you a top shooter that could maybe under the right circumstances gain an edge by that very small difference
    6) Just like all of your other questions in the end it comes down to what are your goals with 3D; if it is practice for hunting, or going out to shoot and have an enjoyable day then forget all about all of that stuff and use you hunting set up. If you want to be a tournament archer then rather than chasing equipment immediately I recommend shooting some courses and gaining some experience with the game as that will give you a better idea of what you want. It can get expensive and there are many good products so there is a fair amount of personal preference in it. I would be a bummer to put $300 in a sight and 2 months later realize that is not what works best for you.

    I'm a traditional shooter and I use the 3D courses as a way to help keep me shooting and just for the enjoyment. Hopefully someone who shoots the blue stakes will come along and give you their perspective,.