3D Noob...any advice?

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussions' started by Where's Bruce?, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. Where's Bruce?

    Where's Bruce? Sponge 4 bowhunting info

    I'm in So. Calif. and thinking about giving 3D a try solely to improve by ranging abilities w/o an RF but I have never done it before. I imagine there are all kinds of etiquette, protocols, traditions involved and potential faux pas that can be made, any advice for a first timer? Where should I look for em? Are there 3D organizations worth joining? Is 5 arrows enough? LOL
  2. dbdcougar

    dbdcougar He Who Drops His Bow Arm

    5 arrows should be GTG assuming you are familiar with your bow. You can search for them on here. I would not worry about joining ASA or IBO unless you want to shoot at the qualifiers. M.est local shoots are pretty laid back - just don't talk next the guy shooting and you should be fine.