3D Pop-Up target system with mover

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    Due to time constraints and moving our store, we are selling our 3D Pop-Up archery system. This is a one to twelve target system (eleven pop-up and one mover). Customizable and simple to use and run. System comes with 8 targets (we usually only use 6 targets because most people will have 6 arrows to compete with) and everything needed to run the system.

    You can view a video of it in action at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zbJAgfSu2o

    Just the system and targets, $11,000
    The system, targets, and 21' V-nose trailer to haul it in, $15,000

    Comes with hoses, cords, spare parts, target repair kit, mobile racks for the pop-up systems, backstops (for the back of each pop-up system), and decorations (silk plants, trees, etc).

    We are not selling this system because it's not worth having, we are selling it because we must move into a larger building and need to come up with the down payment. This system practically paid for itself in sponsorship the first six months we owned it. This is a custom built system that utilizes common parts, so no ordering overpriced parts from a special company. Computer controlled, and with someone who has PICO knowledge, can be altered to do a lot of different scenarios.

    For more information, please contact me at [email protected] and I'll either call you back (please include your phone #) or e-mail you back ASAP.

    We are located in South East Alabama, if you need it transported to you, arrangements can be made.