3d shoots in south Texas

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    Hi there I live in Monterrey, city north of Mexico, two hours from the border of Texas, we organize downhere shoots of seven stages every year, the shoots are called Gran Prix of archery we are just to complete the seventh and last stage of shoots this year, they are named stages because at the end of the year prizes are really good like deer and turkey hunts in very good ranches and bows adding really good accessories. Each shoot is compose of 60 to 70 archers maybe there are not too much, but we are trying to grow next year so Im looking for shoots south Texas to visit their shoots, we all visit Texas often to go shopping, but why not now to shoot in a 3d tournament.

    Im trying to look for 3d shoots in Texas but I didnt find anything, do somebody knows why?

    I will be glad you to look at our web page is, www.cazarco.com its in spanish but it has good galeries of hunts and tournaments.

    I would like to hear from you to visit and know you in 3d shoots we shoot in all categories compound and traditional bows.

    See you later.