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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by timberghost, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. timberghost

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    Howdy guys,

    This last season I started shooting 3D for my first time and I noticed right away that I could hold on the 3D target real steady like but when I shoot at spots I get target panic and bounce all over the target center. :noidea:

    My first 3D shoot I shot 350 out of 420(I think) 40 targets , no range finders and finished above the middle of the pack(2 above). I was nervous as heck until after the first target then I calmed down. A mediocre score but I finished well above where I thought I would which was dead last.:D I learned that my yardage estimation was a lot better than I thought.

    anywho :wave:
  2. brokenarrow

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    It's real common...I do the same...sorry I can't help...:Cry:

  3. BowhuntnHoosier

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    Blank bale and defragging your brain is my advice. It takes a longtime to get over it. I have target freeze where I hold rock steady just below the X or BULL. On 3D targets I have no problems though. Good luck and you may want to PM one of our new members here, GRIV he has a ton of info on the subject. His 10 yard drill helped me a bunch.:peace:
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    Ya, I have a CD from him. Great stuff on there. Won't be until next spring because of huntin' season and all but I'm going to put one of them circles on my lense and see if I can hold the bull in the circle. :wave:
  5. IChim2

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    The 1st time i shot 3d i had target panic so bad it wasn't funny.Thought to much about all the arrows i was going to loose and what the person behind was thinking if i missed.all in all it wasn't that bad.
  6. Werd

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    i didnt have that problem on my first shoot. but i did not judge yardage good at all...there was this buck laying across the river at 25 yards. i thought it was 30. would have killed it but high shot. i got an 8 but then i just shot an arrow for the heck of it and got a bulls eye. im like welp... but i heard it is common. try the 10 yard method. shoot 10 yards. then 15 then 20 ect. that helps me alot when im shooting bad.
  7. Southernfryedyankee

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    This is what I have been doing and it really seems to be helping

    I am working on my problem of target panic and this is what I am doing to correct it. I used the same method that I used for when shooting my glock. I learned the trigger, I know that sounds crazy but thats what I did. I am teaching and training my fingers to know how much pressure I could put on the trigger b4 the actual release. I can dry fire my glock all day long so obviously that was easier. I would aqueeze the trigger just so far b4 I trained my mind and fingers to know the next bit of pressure it WILL fire and I shrunk my groups considerably. For my release I tightened the trigger travel screw and put another target on top of the one I was actually aiming at so if I punched it and shot high I wouldnt kill anyone. Feel the trigger, feeeeeeeeel just how much pressure you can put on it b4 you know that the release is next and then place your pin where it needs to be and give it that little extra and send your arrow where it belongs. It doesnt take long but you MUST understand do it in a place where it is safe because you send that arrow flying prematurely, that will NOT be a good thing be it up or down. I am by no means a professional archer and most of what I have learned I have learned here on this forum. But no one here can teach me how to physically shoot my bow but they can off guidance on form, DL, draw weight etc. This is what I have found to help ME with my target panic so far but I am still in the beginning stages of conquering this issue, but it IS helping.