60lbs, what arrow?

Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by J-Daddy, Feb 5, 2008.

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    OK for many,many years I've shot bows in the 70lbs draw range...Well my shoulders aint what they use to be and I'm looking at picking up a 60lbs max Bowtech Allegiance now and I was wondering what arrows most guys use with a 60lbs setup. Keep inmind that this is a hunting bow but it will also pull double duty as a 3-d bow for hunter class and I want dual purpose arrows...Something I can hunt with & shoot a little 3-d with. I'm a 28" draw, so the arrows will be around 27" long, and I'm going to shoot 100gr heads "screw in feildtips & 100gr Slick Trick Mags".
    I like to shoot out to 80yds and I mule deer hunt some out west so I like a flat shooting rig for the longer shots. I'm thinking about some Easton Lightspeed 400's or maybe Goldtip Pro Hunters in 55/75 spine.
    Anyone else got any suggestions?????
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    Easton Lightspeeds are to thin walled and light to make a good hunting arrow in my opinion. Could they get the job done? Sure but there are better choices. The Pro Hunters would be a good choice. A 27" arrow will weigh in right around 395-400gr provided you are shooting 3 Blazers and 100gr head. Thats plenty of weight for any deer sized game. Im guessing you would get approximately 270fps from a Bowtech at your draw and weight with that arrow. Mind you thats a pretty rough guess off the top of my head but should be close.

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    I'm shooting the PSE Radial X Weave 200's
    29" DL
    28" arrow
    4" Feathers
    100gr Slick Trick
    Total arrow weight is 348 gr
    I'm at about 270-276 fps and around 56 KE
    These will be spined about perfect for your setup IMO
    These things fly like heat seeking missles
    I was shooting the 300's and they were spined just a little stiff and didn't have quite the zip as the 200's Just my $.02 worth
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    My Setup is around the same as yours. Im shooting Easton Axis 400's, and I can't complain. Although they might be a little slim for 3d...