63 year old man wins major 3-D events Not using a peep sight!

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    This is the email I received a few weeks ago from Mr. wood ..

    Just to let you know it's still working, last year I did win some more 3d tournaments and won some cash. My avitar is the money dot I hit at around 97 yards to beat about 40 or so guys using peeps. Also won the open division of the NW mountain challenge at the Tammarack ski resort in central Idaho, in a shoot off that went to 90 yards before I edged out the guy that's the last 2 years Idaho State 3d champ with high overall scores both times. I won $250 for that and missed $1000 by the width of an arrow in the final shoot off with all the class winners. I also set a new state record in the senior division of the Washington WSAA state 3d shoot. Not sure what the future holds, as my vision going down hill but I'm really enjoying using a great product! Thankyou. Steve Wood (Wood)

    for more information visit our website www.archeryinnovations.com or call 218-563-2800 and you will see a picture of the money dot shot and Mr. Wood's wall of trophies with a total of 5 first-place finishes. It's should be noted that we do not sponsor Mr. wood in any way. He purchased his own Anchor Sights and created his own incredible story.
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    Mr. Woods
    Congratulations on your great shooting