9.3 MM arrow restriction??

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by McCann, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. McCann

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    I have always been told that the largest size of al+ shaft that you could shoot under the 9.3mm restriction was the 2314 and that even the 2315 was to large by tenths of a mm. I recently read on another forum that the 2315 was indeed legal. My question is what al+ arrow is the absolute largest you can shoot with the 9.3mm restriction?

  2. JDX--

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    A lot of the NAA shooters use 2315, of all the times I have been checked the gauge slipped over the 2315 fine, Note make sure if using 2315s that your points are not “bulges” the slightly large bulged tips will not pass thru the gauge causing a DQ. :noidea: :mad: And the bulge can also cost you points as far as score when trying to call an arrow that is very close to the line the bulge can push or distort the line so that your arrow shaft will not be in contact with the scoring line.

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